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Marina Diamandis acknowledges the Free Britney movement

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1 hour ago, RATCHET❤ said:

true, it really gave us her growing up. and now at state where she feels "human?" 

i grew up listening to her during teenage days. each album really fits the period of time i was in. 

FJ/Electra heart, i was this teen filled with insecurities wanting to be perfect in a world where everything's cruel. 

Froot, gave me happiness, joy, and feeling good about myself. 

LOVE+FEAR, despite it not being my fav, but the album in general is great lyrically, it questions life, what are we, what's gonna happen? are we on the right path? which funny enough are questions myself nowadays. 


she's so smart and criminally underrated. i love her :crying1:

I never understood why she didn't take off in the states or other places in general. She has all the qualities of a successful artist 

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22 hours ago, Applejack said:
  • Eve (actually spoke out)
  • Sharon Osbourne (actually spoke out)
  • Heidi Montag (actually spoke out)
  • Cher (actually spoke out)
  • Miley Cyrus (actually spoke out)
  • Rose McGowan (actually spoke out)
  • Paris Hilton (actually spoke out)
  • Lindsay Lohan (liked posts but we know she's closely connected more than anyone in a sense)
  • Courtney Love (actually spoke out)
  • David LaChapelle (actually spoke out)
  • Tinashe (but she deleted all the posts lmao)
  • Celine Dion (very subtle and I don't know if y'all would consider that)
  • Taryn Manning (but backtracked)
  • Madonna??? (but in 2008 lmao sorry)
  • Roger Stone (.............)
  • Snooki (actually spoke out)
  • AOC (liked the ACLU post)
  • Natalie Portman (liked the ACLU post)
  • I think Iggy Azalea might have spoken out but deleted the tweets but I don't know if it was a fever dream or not? For some reason she blocked me on Twitter lol



and these are the ones that interest me


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