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Britney Spears supports the #FreeBritney movement and wants the conservatorship case open to the public

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Britney Spears not only supports the #FreeBritney movement, but wants her conservatorship case open to the public. Britney severely mistrusts her father Jamie, who is currently conservator of her

What happened to you TMZ???????? Did someone forget your fat paycheck for month 9? 

Ok so I just had a chance to read everything, re-write the articles, post on social media and all that jazz.  I honestly can't recall her ever EVER publicly supporting this movement until now. So

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17 minutes ago, Meaner03 said:

That's a big day for Britney and the movement, she validated us in court document, there's no more place for paid article stating how wrong we are, or how the movement is hurting her or anything. We are in this together with her.

OMG Meaner :kyliecry:

Keep up the amazing work, we’re proud of you! :mimiclap::hugs:

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from the sky, drop like confetti ♫

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1 hour ago, generation glory said:

Did you catch this? I think this speaks volumes. Perhaps it’s indicative of how her handlers view Britney’s mental health issues, whether it’s bipolar or something else, there’s too much shame and stigma attached to mental health issues. Her parents, Larry even Lou are older and are from a generation of people who didn’t discuss things like postpartum depression & bipolar disorder and people didn’t know what that was at the time. 

People with depression or mental health issues like that were  looked down upon in society. Many people were even afraid of them because they didn’t understand what was going on and called them crazy or had them locked away in an institution for life. I’ve wondered if it’s really Britney or her dad/family/team who don’t want to address her breakdown. I think at first Britney just wanted to forget about it. I can understand that had she needed to take time to access and figure out what led her to that point and how to avoid going down that path again.

But after a while IMO Jamie, Larry and others didn’t want to allow Britney to address it or the conservatorship (even if she wanted to) because they were sooo concerned it would have a negative impact on the Britney brand... and a lot things or people could be exposed if Britney revealed too much while the conservatorship is in place.

I hope Britney’s feeling strong and proud of herself for pulling through such a difficult time in her life and career!! AND props to Britney for putting her foot down telling her dad and the others NO!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Britney, YOU made everyone not just hear you, but you got them to LISTEN to you!!!🙏🥰❤️After 12 ½ years WE ALL ARE LISTENING TO YOU!! 😭 

The public’s perception of her & mental health has evolved since 2007/2008. If she never wants to discuss the breakdown that’s fine by me. But if she’s been silenced by others from discuss it or the conservatorship (remember Jonathan Ross show taping?) just to protect themselves and her brand, that’s wrong. 

While I agree there is too much shame and stigma surrounding mental illness, especially as someone who has Bipolar Disorder, I know this first hand, but the document also stated that Britney had no mental illness.

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The plot thickens!

I wanted to mention this in a previous Ingham post but I feel that Ingham right now has Britney's best interest in mind (maybe not heart) Idk if there was something silencing him before (Wallet and Jamie before colon bursting) and now HE also has more freedom and truly wants to help Brit OR Ingham sees the **** hitting the fan VERY soon and is trying everything in his power to not come out as a bad guy at the end of everything.

Either way, he's DEEP inside and seems to be supporting Britney. And guess what?! I love to see it :cardi:

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7 hours ago, Buffybot said:

That's how I see It too.

Maybe the sacrifice of Jamie is necessary for the business keep going. 

His image already destroyed, there's no turning back and the public wouldn't support Britney (the machine) with her allegedly abusive father behind the scenes.

I wouldn't doubt they will just hide Jamie Louisiana, he's old anyway.

If Lou still in the picture, nothing will change.

I would have gone this route in thinking only if the article hadn't fully legitimized the movement and made the claim (from Britney herself) that she has no debilitating medical issues. If those two things had been missing, yeah, I would think that Lou and TMZ are conspiring. But because it DOES add that, I believe TMZ know the **** just hit the fan.

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This is almost if not the absolute best news of 2020! I’m so freakin proud of you, Brit. The light at the end of the tunnel is here, not much longer and you’ll be free. Then you can cut Lou and Jamie and Team Con off with a restraining order. 

Gosh, this woman is so resilient ❤️

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7 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Ok so I just had a chance to read everything, re-write the articles, post on social media and all that jazz. 

I honestly can't recall her ever EVER publicly supporting this movement until now. So damn cool. I'm really grateful for all of you guys and Exhale. I feel like this place was on the right side of herstory and am just grateful to be part of something that'll hopefully change this beautiful woman's life for the better. :crying1:

Thank you for providing the platform to doing!

And for taking us through the good and the bad 😂 🙏🏽♥️ 


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