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Sam posts about the live on his Instagram story

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19 minutes ago, Britney-fan12332143 said:



Sweetie, i love you, dont get me wrong... but, you call that prove? :raven:


Britney loves Sam, all the Sam haters with all their conspiracy theories need to accept that and stop hating on him.  All those hate towards Sam and hurtfull conspiracies hurts her as well. :oprah:

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24 minutes ago, Slayer said:

C'mon :akii:

They've been together nearly 4 years, ofcourse that's his girl, they seem really happy together.

I know you guys hate him but respect their relationship.

Sometimes the way some people go on like 'how could he want to be with britney?' or 'he doesn't love her'

We love her and we don't even know her, of course Sam can love her! Plus she's absolutely STUNNING in real life too. Imagine being Britney and seeing comments like 'he can't love her' - how hurtful must that be.

We've got bigger fish to fry than Sam.

You are one of the very few logical thinkers. We think alike. 

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