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Should singers stop endorsing a political side?

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Big YES. If you have a massive platform, you inherently have a responsibility to use it for good. I know "good" in this realm is subjective, but convince me Trump isn't a monster... I'll wait. 

No, transparency is optimal. It helps me decide where my money and support will go to. 

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6 hours ago, GMFlop said:

Agree with OP. But for some ****-up reason, Americans are so stupid that they need the celebrities to tell them what to do about their life. 

I am American and I've never needed a celebrity to tell me what to do, please stop with those ridiculous stereotypes. 

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<<<Magic Begins at Midnight>>> 

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If a celebrity has done their research and has decided on a candidate, I find no issue with them endorsing that candidate. It's very clear when someone is just endorsing a candidate because it's mainstream vs. when someone has done their research and knows why they back a candidate. Celebrities are people, and they have every right to be politically active.


I think people need to stop voting based on a celebrity's endorsement, though. Politics and Hollywood are very skeezy - people can be paid to endorse a candidate very easily. Politicians prey on that influence to sway votes. I don't pay attention to which celebrity endorses whom, but if I find out someone's political views align with my own, that might make me more inclined to stream their music, check out their interviews, etc. I would never vote for X because Y endorsed them. It's important to do your own research and come to your own conclusions about which candidate is best.


It's unfair to say celebrities shouldn't endorse candidates simply because their fans can be swayed to vote for that candidate - that's on the voter(s), not the celebrity/celebrities.

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I think they should be able to do what they want to do. Part of having a platform is using your voice. 

I do think supporting specific causes is better than a candidate bc causes aren’t so much political and more so human. Example: LGBT youth suicides, domestic violence against women etc.


also if someone is speaking up based on something they’ve personally been affected by or if it has affected their friends or family etc, I 100% support them raising awareness. 

I think people forget that celebrities are also representations of the people who love/follow them. So it’s no surprise to me that many of them lean toward supporting a more inclusive world. They likely have met people of all walks of life and know that we are all human.

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Everyone saying singers should shut up do not see these singers as anything more than a product. If randos in the comment sections can tell me who they support, why can't celebs? I'd rather have clear transparency when it comes to celebs I support, then to later find out I've helped a racist, pe**, abusive singer get rich (not meant for any singer in particular, just a general statement).

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They can do whatever they want.

i personally wouldnt endorse any of these politicians but i would definitely take a stance and criticize a lot of these politicians, and encourage to vote so that somebody like trump wouldnt get elected again.

i would endorse somebody like bernie. Not so much anyone else.

silence can be very complicit towards major issues, and a betrayal. Many times they do need to use their platform & speak up. 

WHO CARES about being liked by  anti lgbtq people, racists/people that complicit towards locking kids up in cages. You DONT want or need their coins. 

its much better to do the right thing than be popular.


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1 hour ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

Why should they? They are people just like us & have the right to have a stance on political matters too. They should t have to be quiet because they have fans. That’s a very selfish way to feel 

Yes. It makes them more likeable when their real. And if their racist, ex camila cabello, then i dont to support them or give them any coins dahhhlingg. 

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2 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Big YES.

If you have a massive platform, you inherently have a responsibility to use it for good. I know "good" in this realm is subjective, but convince me Trump isn't a monster... I'll wait. :mariahstare:

Yes i agree jordan! If they have believe in equality then there is a responsibility.

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Honestly I think they need to voice their opinions on certain topics like black lives matter, LGBTQ+ rights, etc since they’re not really political but other than that I think they should have the freedom to publicly support whoever they want. Pop stars are human and taking that right away from them is just making them out to be a product for our own entertainment.

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