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Britney's scream and shout choreo rehearsals

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1 minute ago, EasyThere said:


It actually worked well with the beat and vibe of the song.

Unlike every other Dominantion chore which were all,all over the place.

I think britney probably made the scream and shout choreo.she was teaching the moves to the dancers...but I'm not completely sure

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2 hours ago, TheySayImCrazy18 said:

It Was Cool.  And It Would Have Gone Nicely With Props, Lights.  But, The Best Choreo Was Slave, Followed By Perfect Lover.  

For the millionth time, Perfect Lover was not part of Domination :howiroll:

The description clearly said it was an independent showcase the dancers had last year, way after Domination was already cancelled.

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I am a performer.  I am a Mom.  I am funny.  I am your friend.  I am Britney Jean

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I liked the fact this was the remix. Based on her attitude for the music video this is most likely the direction Britney wanted to go If she had freedom to do whatever she wants.

I'm not a fan of certain parts of the choreography but compared to the rest we saw this is pretty good. 

And yes this looks like her choreography, the CE too.

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