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'not_g_happen' new ig story

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It could definitely be a picture from Britney’s camera roll, proving that Lou has access to it and that she is the one posting everything on her Instagram. I think this account is definitely Lou. I think the question videos Britney answers is proof girl doesn’t access her own Instagram. It’s all Lou... it really makes sense. 

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24 minutes ago, EasyThere said:

Yup. Word on Twitter has it that team Spears approached him back in 2019 with some sob story of how she needs conservatorship. Otherwise she will be dead in matter of days. He was dragging FreeBritney and its supporters in most ville way up until recently,when he got dragged back and forth on all platforms. And when more proof came out that Britney wants out.

That was when he switched back to being pro FreeBritney.


This is obviously fake.

I didn't know he's now pro FB again lol

He is disgusting in so many levels, I still can't understand why the fanbase gives him attention. The guy is very problematic.

He changing drastically his mind was one of the most forced things ever.

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