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'not_g_happen' new ig story

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So this fake account uploaded a new story which shows Britney looking straight to the camera.

I personally, DON'T believe in this account at all but what to know what you guys think.

And most important, since you are so good at being detectives, when was this pic taken or what's the original if it's a photoshop.


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15 hours ago, dbagswag said:

based on the "defamation" posts this user has already exposed themselves as not britney. not sure if it's a troll or one of lou's cronies but no doubt not brit. 

if it's lou, what is she thinking?? has she lost it??

That account praised Lou, saying that she is a great businesswoman - so it has to be her.

I think she's running out of back up plans since #FreeBritney is everywhere.

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