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Britney details her spearitual experience riding a bike at the beach

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4 minutes ago, britneymegamix said:

This. They probably love the attention the name "Britney Spears" is getting again.


Oh, no, sorry, I forgot, she can't speak up for herself, she's super controlled, but she can send super secrets messages (e.g. like HELP) on "her" account that reaches more than 25 million of people. Only true, heroic and loyal fans will be able to understand  these messages, her team is too dumb.



you're SO negative in every thread :umomg: 

pipe down :gunriah:

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from the sky, drop like confetti ♫

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'HELP' is in capital letters 

This caption is a bit all over the place but it's damn inspiring   Britney wrote this and no one else. Fight me. 

I could get on board with her "sending messages" through her instagram but on every post? I don't think her team can be that dumb. I can see it slipping a few times like the speeding ticket vid or the

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What's wild is that #freebritney is never directly addressed in any of these post. Like sometimes its hard to tell because we are all so invested in freeing her and maybe we are too close to the situation,  but imagine if this were lady gaga and she was making these long caption post without mentioning the obvious elephant in the room it would be so strange!

Every day that goes on just makes me want to keep fighting for her. 

You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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Let's believe for one second our gurl tries to ask for help...

How disturbing this scenario is? She's supposely having a great day with her boyfriend but implies she needs help like a real prisoner but can't say openly, so It needs to tell a bunch of nonsense stuff to pass the message... The person she's with in the picture does know she cries for help yet shares the post on his own social media? 

I wish I couldn't mention the boyfriend, but her Instagram makes It impossible. If you look to the responses to his comment on her IG and on his own post, the guy has been dragged severely and people are calling him a handler, controlling husband. Not a big of lie tho, to normalize the held hostage partner scenario It makes him complicit to say the least.

If It's Britney, what she wants exactly? Let It clear her life it's a fake mess? Play with the conspiracies just for fun/attention? 

8 hours ago, Watch Me Work It said:

I could get on board with her "sending messages" through her instagram but on every post? I don't think her team can be that dumb. I can see it slipping a few times like the speeding ticket vid or the Janet's Control cover but now every post is yellow or has a HELP on capital letters :idgi:

idk. I feel like they are just feeding the "conspiracies". :idkney:

Also I know this is dumb but I cackled at this comment :orangu:


Yup it's way too forced by now, someone is definitely playing with us. If they think this can build a new comeback the disappointment will be hella big...

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4 hours ago, Notthesame said:

To be honest without team Con in the way... she could/would buy Kevin... double his child support and it would only cost her half the price of the conservatorship per year 🤷🏼‍♂️ Kevin would give custody so fast Jamie’s colon would explode before the ink even dried. 😇 

I think she would be able to fight for their custody, right? They are still minors and I think thats why Kevin doesnt do anything to help her. Hes benefitting from the cship as well.

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4 hours ago, sugarfallxofme said:

sometimes i think kevin would be very happy to give more custody to Britney, despite some members of the fandom hate him, their relationship has been over for more than 13 years now, they both have matured and it seems they get along pretty well. if it wasn’t for Jamie they probably would have like a 50/50 custody imo

I remember that before the incident with Preston someone kept saying here that she was seeing the kids less and they werent sleeping at her house anymore, but many people didnt pay attention back then. The story that user said was his lawyer went to court in late 2018 to show smt and then she had her time reduced. Idk what she could have done but I always thought the time to be interesting. Kevin asked for a raise in 2018 and Jamie ended up giving in. Before 2018 it seemed like she got the boys at least almost 50% of their time. I think maybe back then Jamie paid Kevin more (other than 20k she/he had to pay anyway) so Britney could be with them more, travel, etc bc we all know she always had visitation rights, nothing more. Maybe since 2018 that he got the raise he wanted, he doesnt need to make arrangements with Jamie to get more money... now the law makes Britney/Jamie pays him more so he doesnt need to be "nice" anymore towards anyone when he gets more money independently if Britney sees them more or doesnt. He doesnt need Jamie to get more money. 

Last year christmas was on one of the days she would have the boys anyway, but the boys were with her from around 1pm to 8pm, so not even on Christmas she could have them all day sleeping there. On Prestons bday, Kevin was in New York working as a DJ, but Preston spent his bday in Kevins house instead of being with Britney even tho Kevin wasnt even there. And we all know Britney was in Miami on her bday without the kids. One thing interesting is Kevins wife was born the same day and month as Britney, so I wouldnt be shocked If he made the boys stay with their stepmother instead.

Kevins lawyer has shaded Britney over the years, even for being under a cship. He talked highly of her for how she acted when Jamie abused Preston (getting them out of there and taking to Kevins), but even tho she acted so responsible in such a hard situation, Kevin still didnt allow her to see her boys more even after that, even on Christmas or on Prestons bday. Sadly I dont think he cares at all about Britney and probably is making difficult for her to see them more. 

He benefits from her being under a cship, If she got out, she would probably fight for their custody and we all know he doesnt work and used the child support for all his family. 

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First off this is 100 percent Britney writing this caption. I don’t understand how she’s so damn positive. Maybe she is happy in her little world with Sam. 

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5 hours ago, MANDIXMX said:

Same, but we are working as best as we can.

I imagine her social media team sees all the long rambling in her comment and are like “oh brother this chick is off her rocker...” and they just post it without even realizing she’s asking for help. Theres a reason why the help is at the bottom. ;) 

Do we? I think the police should look at her pictures. Maybe Britney/her team mocking us. But better safe than sorry. Britney posted a lot of times "Help" or "911".And then you can see bruises and wounds on her body. I´m afraid of her safety.:nervousney: I can´t wait when this is over, she is free and save and we are laughing at the dumb thoughts we had because of her and that everything was fine and not so worse at it seems.:oprah:

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Life is a beach teas!!!
I love her perspective on the simple things in life and how much joy they bring her. She always talks about tiny stuff like this that I've never given any thought to but in such a profound way that makes it sound meaningful and beautiful.

She just sounds so human and we stan!:queenflopga:

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9 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari rode bikes together at the beach. 

Per usual, the caption is the meat and potatoes of the post. In it, Britney touches on why the beach is so inspiring to her - spiritual even. 

"Going to the beach 🏖 is always so much fun !!!!! We are all social distancing and wearing masks of course …. even still there is a sense of togetherness at the beach that brings me peace," she says. "I feel so small next to this vast body of water ….. it takes me back to when I was 6 years old …… the moment I would decide to get up and run to the beach …… but it’s so intimidating because I know my feet are about to touch something so beautiful …. I get so excited then chicken out 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 !!!!! The connection I always feel with the heat from the sun on my body ….. connecting me to something way greater than myself ….. and the one moment you feel a nice breeze ….. it’s like a spiritual experience !!!!!!"

She adds: "I love the feeling of coming home  with a golden tan …. thinking only of chocolate or ice cream ….. and still smelling like suntan oil. It’s funny how little things can touch your soul so freaking much ….. like new born babies crying …… children building sand castles 🏰 …. seeing dogs 🐶 with their families ….. wanting to scream and make a fool out of yourself and do a thousand 🤸‍♀️ cartwheels …… but you have to stay cool 😎🤷🏼‍♀️🤸‍♀️🙄🙄😂 !!!!!! Laying down and looking up at God in the clear blue sky ….. maybe we should all look up and try to listen and see the messages God is sending us so we can HELP the world today ….. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!!"

I know there's a lot of speculation regarding whether Britney personally writes the captions or not. I'm not convinced she does 100% of the time, but this one to me was def her. Thoughts, Exhale?



And people says Sam is not her best couple ever? She's having beautiful moments with him and she needs this so much right now, even if he's looking for attetion, he's doing more and better than the others.

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Wasn’t there a insider or someone on Twitter who said that her «  GOD BLESS YOU ALL » in her insta posts, was actually her way to acknowledge and thank the fans for the freebritney support ? Plus, the «  HELP » in capital letters and the ending about listening and seeing the messages makes of this post what could be a cry for help.

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