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Why was Britney spears hated in the X Factor 2012 when...


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Britney had received a lot of hate for being a honest, and "rude" judge in the X factor. However, why was she being treated like that, when Simon cowell has been doing that his whole career :umsaywhat: People see Simon as the honest, straight to the point and knows what he wants judge who just wants the best for people who dont have the "x factor" :billiebarf:Yet, when britney basically did the same thing, she was classified as a rude idiot?

Exhale discuss and lemme know :byetina:

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42 minutes ago, sjadeupdate said:

Sexism and double standard


The thing is Britney isn't even a "naturally mean" person. It was clear that the edits were trying to make her look like some female Simon Cowell bad *****. She probably had producers in her ear telling her to act a certain way. Its sad because I feel like if her heart was in it she could have been a GREAT judge. But Britney refused to give much of herself in the role. Obviously had to do with filming a live show with an audience and just in general previous trauma working in the industry/control of her handlers.

I mean, she had a panic attack on the first day of filming the X factor. That should have been indication enough she wasn't ready for her seat at the table. 

But yeah her team wanted it to seem like everything was "amazing." I don't think she was too fond of Simon either, tbh. Nor do I think he was too fond of her. But I'd be pissed too if I took an 18 million dollar gamble and all I got was a cute 30 second montage in the last ep with strange faces/reactions. 

Forgettable season, tbh. Season would've been a hit if we had gotten pre-2007 Britney sass.

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She kinda was fun to begin with but she quickly got boring as a judge and I stopped watching.  I think people were expecting something a bit more

One of those moments of her career (along with chaotic and BJ) that I’ve blocked out from memory.

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The public has always been awful to her, probably for the same reason her team was able to take such advantage of her: ****ty, predatory people sense vulnerability, low self-esteem, other-ness and abuse those who embody it out of fear they'll either be associated with it or that it will somehow rub off on them. 

And, as mentioned, you can't underestimate the extent of misogyny. Women, particularly in entertainment, are still expected to both be f u ckable and sweet, and too much or not enough of either is grounds for mockery and shunning in the lizard brains of many people. They don't even realize they're responding to women with these ingrained judgments and many women have internalized this patriarchal value system even moreso than men.  

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4 hours ago, jokobish said:

I don’t think people cared about that. What frustrated people was that she is a global music icon who couldn’t offer any other word of advice or compliment other than “amazing” ... 

Psychotropic meds make brain functioning/verbalizing so hard sometimes. Combined with an anxiety-ridden situation. I just don’t feel like she should’ve ever been put in that position 😔

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She wasn’t right for the job. People haven’t taken her serious as a musical talent because of her lip syncing and judging live singers on live tv just doesn’t make sense. I think she was being forced to work but didn’t want to tour after ff era. She was a good mentor to the kids she had though. I enjoyed those scenes the most. 

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It was obvious that those lines were rehearsed and that was not really her.. she wasn’t being authentic in the promo. And they promoted her being the rude one.


 Everybody was hating on her that she’s judging a singing competition but she can’t sing (so stupid. The show was about the X Factor - and if Britney didn’t have the X factor I don’t know who did then)


anyway they finally figured out that Britney was having a hard time and was very bad and adding nothing to the show. So they swapped seats that Demi sits next to Simon as it was better TV.


most people tuned in to see if Britney goes crazy, but they were disappointed not seeing a meltdown.



its sad that nobody thinks she’s talented




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