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If Britney release a SURPRISE ALBUM in future


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imo she should release her album on her self-founded indie label, so she will get to go the creative direction that she wants and showcase her deep voice. also she should overhaul her "**** kitten girly image" and show a more mature, authentic and deep side. for that she would need to ditch her **** leotards and bras, and wear long pants, sneakers and shirts that dont show her midriff. just age appropiate stuff :)

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if she get out of the conservatorship she maybe would be on a blacklist on hollywood companies like AEG Live, RCA, Insurance companies and many people involved producers, everything all their silence is complicity. 

So If she gets free maybe she would lose all the rights of her music and maybe unable to perform under the name of britneyspears and play some of her music.

Something like this with the music rights is happening to Mexican group RBD (Not CSHIP, only rights of the music)  , they can't present their as RBD, or make any performance, put it music on spotify , documentals or anything without the permission of argentinian production of CRISMORENAGROUP who created erreway a totally different project. 

So We need to deserve her only to be free and just be happy. 

But i've dreaming of britney been in concert again , i think in 2022 maybe she do it concerts, or maybe she could get free and end her contract, i think she could negotiate with all a greatest hits tour.

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If Britney wants the attention she’ll need to release a song with depth and something that is lyrically strong. She can still release a fun pop bop third single in but to catch attention and get people on her side again she will need to start portraying a more serious role in her artistry. When she was huge the record labels controlled everything and these days most of the bigger stars write their own content and know who they are aesthetically speaking. So the cship would really need to end and the music would have to come from an honest place. That’s why TSwift sells. She’s honest and puts her life into her music and on top of that she’s a lyrical genius. Brit needs a beautiful ballad about finding peace in life when she gets to that point and I remain hopeful she’s headed in that direction. 

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sorry to let y'all down, but there is no plan, concept, or even intention to create a B10, every submission was rejected following the first 2 years after glory, even the leftover scrapped tracks from that album. She's refusing to work. Even. after the c-ship ends it will. be a number of months/years until/if she ever records anything again. she wants to spend time with the boys. that's al :eheeek:

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7 hours ago, Halseyfan said:

Honestly I think she views the music industry as a very traumatizing and most likely will never make another record after all this.

I Have A Feeling She Will.  Britney Likes To Sing And Dance, That’s Obvious.  She Just Doesn’t Like Being A Public Figure, Releasing Music She Would Do, Just Promotion She Wouldn’t.  Brit Probably Will Release B10 Out Of Obligation, And Then If It’s A Success And She’s Re - Inspired, Then MAYBE We Will Get B11.  If Not Then B10 Will Be Her Last Album, Hopefully 3 Singles With Music Vids And Then She’ll Stay In Vegas And Maybe Tour Every Few Years.  I Hope That’s The Case, But Whatever Happens I Hope She Will Be Happy And Free. 

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I would honestly just love a last album, but it to be a collection of unreleased tracks. Like everything she’s ever done (even incomplete demos) on one album. That would be amazing. And if she wanted to later on have another residency in Las Vegas, that would be really cool! But I doubt that’ll happen. I’m still rooting for a collection of unreleased stuff though! 

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Stop... At this point it would be better to let go of the idea that Britney is releasing any more music. And if she does, it will be years from now.


As sad as it is, it's time to let go of Britney the popstar/brand for now and focus on Britney the person.


Im just too depressed tbh :( this whole covid/lockdown is finally catching up with me.... Imagine how Britney feels.


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