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I've been having panic attacks lately. How do you guys handle it?

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Panic attacks feels horrible and the worst party is, I just really have to endure the pain and the overall awful feeling till it subsides in a few hours.

I tried telling it to my family and relatives but they just brushed me off and invalidated me seeking for help and told me I'm just being a drama queen.

How do you guys handle it? Some tips from you guys would be really helpful thank you so much :hugs:


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6 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

I tried smoking lots of weed and sleeping thru this mess but then i gained 20 lbs in two months :blol: i was skinny as a needle anyway :orly: but i have noticed that going on long walks everyday helps with my anxiety. Exercise has always helped me and a good nights rest. 

What do you eat? I need to gain weight:orangu:

But yea I have a friend who suffers from panic attacks and he breaths slowly and drinks orange juice.

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This is called anxiety, try to live one day at a time. Think about how many times something bad you thought it could happen and it didn't concretized and don't use any kind of drugs because they will harm you as the time goes by. Accept that suffering is part of human nature and don't punish yourself for feeling like that.

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Gladly, I stopped having them in a long time. But when my mind starts racing, I usually take long walks with my favorite music on (trip hop, 90’s house, Dido’s discography).

Walking with no direction helps you clear your mind and take a look at things in a positive way, as if “hope” comes back to you, if that makes sense.

If I’m not able to go on a walk, I try to take my mind into a “happy place”, as if I was shutting myself down from the world. And start repeating the positive things I have in my life. It sounds kind of crazy, but it works for me. 

Hope these little tips can help. :quirkney:



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Its very hard to deal with and those who don't deal with it wont understand. Although it doesn't seem like it in the moment, but you have to keep remembering it will pass. And find ways to try and focus on something specific, i find trying to focus solely on the lyrics in music can help. Also drink, you wont be thinking of it in the moment, but panic and anxiety attacks take alot out of your body and you need to re-hydrate. Another tip is to get cool.

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I'm just kidding, going on hikes through the woods helps my mental health a lot, though I'm having a hard time doing that regularly myself lately, so I'm a bit off the rails since I'm not leaving the house a lot. :katycry:


Though if you're having legit panic attacks maybe you do need some medication to assist, you should not have to endure that girl. :umomg: I had a bad panic attack once from a too strong edible and it was honestly the worst two hours of my life, it felt like everything hurt, my throat was swollen shut or something and I thought I wasn't breathing the whole time. :calculating: I didn't even know what was going on, cause I had never felt such a thing before. :decisions:


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When feeling anxious, I try doing something to ground my body. So, take my shoes off and feel the floor, or take deep breaths and focus on the inhale and exhale, put water on my face.

What this does is makes your body react and temporarily stops your thoughts. When you feel anxious, it is because your thoughts are directing your body to feel fight or flight. So, stop your thoughts in any way shape or form and watch your anxiety lessen or even subside. 

Also, exercise, nutrition and sleep will help big time. :)

If you feel anxious, please come back to this topic and write it out. Writing is also a great channel to feel less anxious. 

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I deal with anxiety since I was a teenager but now I feel that I'm passing through the worst. I can't explain why, but my anxiety appears now when I'm going to sleep. So 80 % of the nights when I'm starting to sleep I have short nightmares that makes me wake up (generally a couple times) before I get into sleeping for real. 

But when I reduce my time on phone, read some book or listen to music that really helps me... Specially if I do some yoga exercise series...

So doing that steps do not works like magic but it turns the whole thing more easier to deal. Before doing that helping steps I think you should consider seeing a specialist because none of these tips can substitute an appropriate analyst focused on your experience.

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There are a few things that help me with panic attacks, anxiety, and ptsd nightmares for those of you who have them. First, I only consume positive content. I watch optimistic shows like Star Trek, avoid listening to really sad songs for long periods, and read positive books about kindness and compassion. The second thing I do is practice meditation. It’s really helped me a lot. I use the Declutter the mind app. This article has actually helped me change my lifestyle and I haven’t had a panic attack in about eight months and I had a lot of them last year

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Just take a little break, like other exhalers have said here before, meditate , first thing you should do is breathe , and then you'll be able to think about anything more lightly. 

Working out is helping too , even dancing it may sound funny to some , but dancing really helps releasing all the stress out of our bodies ❤️🕊️

I hope you're doing better ! :tbh:

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