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WHAT? Britney's brother Bryan just gave an interview about #FreeBritney: watch

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Britney's older brother Bryan Spears gave an interview about Britney. In it, he touches on the conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement. 

Bryan gave the interview from mom Lynne's Kentwood estate, Serenity. The full thing is out now.

I don't know what to think. 

On the #FreeBritney movement:

"I am aware of it. Just to see that kind of interest in people and our fans and in society... to care that much about her and everyone in this family... we truly appreciate it. It means a lot."

What does #FreeBritney mean?

"That I don't quite know what their meaning is. I don't follow it that well. I am aware that they feel like maybe she's being confined or held against her will in some capacity. I can't speak for them."

"The women in this family are very very strong-minded and have their own opinion and they want to do what they want to do. As much as I admire that, as a guy, one of two guys in this entire family, it kind of sucks."

On the conservatorship:

"She's been in this thing for quite some time now. Obviously there was a need for it in the beginning, I assume everyone knows - the issues that were going on - they've made some changes. All we can do is hope for the best."

"I think we got caught by surprise by it all. It's been a great thing for our family up until this point. We're hoping for the best." 

Bryan adds he's not sure how the conservatorship was initiated. It's very clear it was enacted by dad Jamie.

How does Britney feel about it?

"In the beginning it was hard. Any time you're going through struggles and having to make big adjustments... that is very difficult. What I think kind of got us all through it... all of us have been pretty close all these years, normal fights... nothing ever major... we kind of came together, and not everybody agreed with it. Everybody had their own opinion. But in the end I think we made the right choice. But how it proceeds from here... I don't know."

"In general, I think [Jamie] has done the best he could given the situation he was put in." 

"As you know, with any family, one person might be on stage and doing this, but it's a sacrifice from everybody. Everybody's putting in, to some degree, a little bit to keep it going." 

Does Britney want the conservatorship to end?

"I'm assuming... I can't speak for that... There's so much false press out there. I would assume like anybody would want to get out of the situation. Who wouldn't?"

Do you talk to Britney?

"We speak constantly. She's always wanted to get out of it. It's very frustrating to have... whether someone's coming in peace to help or they're coming in with an attitude. Having someone constantly tell you to do something has gotta be frustrating. So yeah, she's wanted to get out of it for quite some time."

"I know what she wants, at the end of the day what is the reality of that?"

Watch the full thing below:




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also, the caption says "two very famous sisters, Britney and Jamie Lynn" in what world is Jamie Lou very famous? she is the real life Xtina in Britney's life, always in Britney's shadow, alw

Let's see what he says. I'm tired of everyone but her speaking. her make up artist, her ex husband, her siblings... I'm tired. I wanna hear from her. 

The only thing I learned from this: 1- Britney does in fact want out.  2- confirmation that she bank rolls that entire family.  3- She is the black sheep/problem of the family. Keeping her th

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Bryan Spears is set to appear on the As Not Seen On TV Podcast to talk about Britney, her conservatorship, and the #FreeBritney movement. 

Do you think Bryan will reveal the truth or is he gonna pull a Jamie Lynn too because he is also threatened by Papa Jamie?





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Just now, Towelney said:

I thought you said Britney was giving an interview :dead:

I’d still like to hear what he has to say, though :brityes: 

I wish haha. Though that question he was asked about whether he saw anything suspicious (I think that's the word he used) and just as Bryan was gonna answer it cuts to a different scene... ahh the suspense!!!! I honestly do hope he speaks out and says everything truthfully. Whether she's doing ok or not with the cship, we need to know how true the media is in regards to it. 

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3 minutes ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

Full podcast comes out tomorrow. Nothing relevant was said in the preview other than Brian saying “yes she wants to get out of the situation, who wouldn’t?”

Oh dumb me thx i thought it was the full podcast. I just watched the preview these questions are pretty good lmao. 

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1 minute ago, Buffybot said:

The fanfic of Bryan being the only good supportive family member for Britney is about to end lmfao...

In all seriousness, we know what he's going to say. The family (lol) appreciate the fans support, but Brit needs her privacy, yadayadayada

The fact even he is talking now says a lot. 

nooooo :(((

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