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Jamie Lynn talks about mental health: "If you deal with mental illness or care for someone dealing with mental illness, then you know how important it is to respect the situation with privacy for the person"

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How it possible that she is so naif to not understand that if after 12 years her sister is really  this ill that she can't live on her own, maybe this conservatorship wasn't and isn't the best for her. It's easy to cover your eyes in front of the truth when you could recover and live your best life with your baby without have to work while, on the contrary, your sister was force to make a huge comeback in the spotlight a few months after her breakdown threatened with the custody of her beloved children.



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Ugh! This whole situation of us being left in the dark but seeing bits of light thru the cracks on the door is getting exhausting :hillary:

I feel like JL beats around the bush A LOT and preaches a narrative that is never mentioned by Britney herself. Which leaves us with speculation, putting clues together and worried about Britney. 

I agree with Jordan on transparency because we are past the privacy part. Yes, shes a human being and yes she does need her privacy BUT its clear that SOMETHING is going on. 

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4 minutes ago, MyahJeanSpears said:

If Britney moved to Spain or some other random European country I don't think this would be the case. She could be left alone if she wanted to.

yes! that would be her best option. I know she Always mentionned how good and relaxed she felt while she was in the UK. But probably won't happen for many more years cause of her children.

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Just now, FraFromThe90's said:

The problem is that she can't without permission. And she would be obliged to leave her children. 

I said that assuming she'd be out of the conservatorship at that point. Otherwise yeah she's screwed. If I were her I wouldn't be concerned about leaving the children. As it is, she barely sees them. (I know, not her choice.)

What I would do is give them an open invite to come and stay with her whenever they wanted, whether that be permanently or in shorter stints. She's done what she can at this point. She needs to live her life too.

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Just now, PrettyGorl said:


Someone needs to blow this tweet up and put it on a sign for tomorrow's protest. BRILLIANT!

I wish we had this kind of example for Lou. Do we?:shocked:

He needs to also add that JL's negligence almost cost her her daughter's life.

7 minutes trapped under an ATV under WATER and nobody even raised an eyebrow. The media bias is incredible.

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oh girl just sht the f up already :sofedup:

we've been silent for almost 12 years about britney's situation, and the results? your whole family, Lou, Larry etc etc still using your SISTER AS A COW FOR MONEY:nyschool: and you want us to stll respect your family's 'privacy' for how long? till britney dies at her home alone? bc none of your fkn family really cares about britney THE HUMAN BEING ya'll just care about the millions she makes and all of you are getting a good coin every month off of her SO NO THANK YOU ***** :fu: no more respect to your awful family, and the fact that people coming out saying that even britney supports the #freebritney movement we're not gonna stop until  britney will be free again, and not living like a prisoner.

just imagine being 24/7 at home bc you can't leave without askin like wtf? and that is nothing compare to other things she can't do.:crying1:

we love you britney we're not going anywhere until we see you FREE!:barbie:

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18 minutes ago, ItsBritneyB*tch said:

I can’t believe she actually said this. I am so disgusted. 

I tried to find that comment. She was answering to a lot of ppl. Just because some1 is struggling doesn't mean  they should not see their kids as much as they want to and do not have a right to decide how to spend that hardworked money. 

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1 hour ago, Derrick said:

What makes me most sad about this is that Britney wanted to protect her sister from Hollywood and the crazy behind it.

This is the saddest thing.

1 hour ago, Derrick said:

It would be one thing if Britney was getting the best treatment in the world, we all know she can afford it. 

Indeed, she can afford the best treatment in the world, the best clinics, go to several doctors, and even several doctors from different countries.

-Does Jamie Lynn want privacy? Why has her sister been working for 12 years, especially when a disabled person cannot and should not work by law? Why do they allow it? Why is she still a public person? If they want privacy, why did they allow those images of her leaving a hotel after the mental facility? Why she enters a mental center against her will, and furthermore, that mental facility with very poor opinions? Why do they keep exposing her on her Instagram and they no longer care about her image?  Everything is so contradictory.

- What they have been doing with Britney is not appropriate, it is dangerous and negligent.

-She is a despicable person is the nicest thing I can say about her.

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3 minutes ago, Catalin said:

Wtf Jimmie Lou?????

Yeah she loves it so much that she's quit over a year ago and has no intention to working again until she's free.

She loves it so much she told her son she thinks she's going to quit music.

She loves it so much that she NOPE'd out of an entire album forcing her team to test the waters for their first post-humous Britney album a la Michael Jackson's "Michael" album that had 3 different impersonators. The conservators have long been testing to see what they can get away with. Now they're setting up the narrative that something "might happen" to her if she were to be free. 

Instead of Blackout 2.0, I want to prepare y'all because B10 will be Britney Jean 2.0...

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