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Jamie Lynn talks about mental health: "If you deal with mental illness or care for someone dealing with mental illness, then you know how important it is to respect the situation with privacy for the person"

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1 hour ago, Roxxy said:

So Jamie Lynn actually believes Britney is... crazy? And not the third single crazy but like... you know. That? No, girl. Not you believing something is wrong with your own sister. :girlbye:


Wow, way to give stigma to sick people.. Bipolar is not crazy.. Actually stop using the word crazy when you talk about disorders

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1 minute ago, YannFrance said:

Jamie Lynn is right, Britney and her family needs privacy. If you really love Britney you must respect her choice to remain silent.

You can call, call, call
But I'm never gonna come
Baby cry, cry, cry
You ain't fooling anyone
You know I know that you know I know
That you're a liar, a liar
You can crawl, crawl, crawl
You can beg and you can bleed
Baby talk, talk, talk
Keep on lying through your teeth
You know I know that you know I know
That you're a liar, a liar
So here we go
You're a liar, a liar
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17 minutes ago, Alottawarmheart12 said:

Jaime Lynns post is true. None of us know what is really going on. Most of ya'll fans are trolls. Regardless if they speak or dont speak you are quick to judge. Britney herself asked for privacy lets give it to her.  It kind of sucks that if she does have mental illness she has no choice but to share it with the world because her fans obligate her too. It should be her choice to share what she wants. I am all for #free britney but lets look at the fact that if she is free she will still have to prove to the world that she is ok. I honestly feel like she should go to Colorado buy that ranch. Have a baby with sam. Release singles collections and books to finish her contract and try to live a normal life. To be free in what ever she pleases. britney spears hair flip GIF

most fans are trolls?
Speak for yourself :clownery:

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14 minutes ago, Buffybot said:

Yeah, this has Lou's hands, she reposted.

But I think we need to start to see that maybe JL is not that manipulated, she takes advantage of the situation. 

JL doesn't care about her sister, but I bet If Lou get caught as the "mastermind" behind all of this, Jamie Lynn won't protect her, but will play the victim "I didn't know about the abuse my sister went through". She's vile.

Using this Kanye case was looow, by both of them.

“JL is not that manipulated, she takes advantage of the situation”.
☝️ I agree!! In a another post I also said at this point Jamie Lynn is willfully compliant. She goes along with whatever Lou dictates. This is not just about mental health. This is also about the corrupt CONservatorship & those involved in it such as Lou Taylor!!! This is about stripping a woman of her basic civil rights in order to confine her and control her in every way imaginable, down to whether or not Britney gets to see her sons.

‼️Btw the family court also needs to be investigated!!! Britney should be spending more time with Preston & JJ. That should not have been interrupted for this long because of what happened nearly a year ago. That’s an issue for the family court!! Who’s overseeing the child custody case? Remember there’s family court (the boys) and probate court (c’ship). Where and who is the family court judge that’s allowing the cship to dictate Britney’s parental rights and access to her sons, particularly when her DAD is the one who assaulted her son causing her to have less time with them. 💔💔💔

Somebody better look into that too!! Jodi is CONservator of Britney the person so WHY hasn’t Jodi Montgomery taken her overpaid a $ $ to court to restore her conservatee’s (Britney’s) visitation time with her 2 sons?????? What the hell are they paying these people for?! They do NOTHING!😡

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Juno Lou is really close to her dad and Loucifer. Its obvious for me shed rather try to save her dad *** than try to help give Britney her freedom. This tells a lot about her. Would she feel the same way about her loving dad If he had abused Maddie instead of Preston? Bc after the thing with Preston, Jamie was always around her daughters like before as if nothing had happened with Preston.

She seems selfish and If Britney is free someday I hope she cuts tie with them. This isnt a family tbh and Britney would probably be better without them gaslighting her and sucking her money and soul.

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8 minutes ago, YannFrance said:

Jamie Lynn is right, Britney and her family needs privacy. If you really love Britney you must respect her choice to remain silent.

Lol u really think Britney has a say about what she wants or doesnt want to talk? She couldnt even mention the word cship without being censored. Funny how everyone talks for Britney. 

Why dont they let her do a livestream instead where she could say smt like "everythings fine people, no need to worry, I want privacy, thanks for ur concerns yada yada" without looking like shes reading cue cards and being forced to do? 

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18 minutes ago, Itachi said:

so she jumped right in after JL posted? :wtf:

and what even is her point with that poorly written caption :wtf:

all of a sudden she is an advocate of mental health? what a hypocrite :wtf:

2 Coordinatd posts. Timed to the second. They don’t even try to be less obvious of their true intentions. That’s because Lou is so arrogant and confident that she’s in full control of the Spears family and the CONservatorship she planned. Your days are numbered, Lou. You won’t be in control forever. 

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51 minutes ago, igmate said:

It's all private stuff though, i mean if i was Britney i don't think i would enjoy to see all my personnal stuff/medical records/court details etc everywhere for everyone to see. I mean she's no different than us, i would hate it personnaly. People are making fun of her for being under a conservatorship at age 38, this is a hard situation for anyone to handle.

Now about the conservatorship issues this a whole different debate, she clearly needs to fight for her rights (and she will).

To be clear, I did not mean that Brit's medical records should ever be public. I believe they are non of our business and should remain private. If theese records ever went public I would consider that a worst case scenario for her. 

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1 minute ago, OnlyBeyonce said:

if you want privacy don't keep asking our money 


Glory was all Britney, from a creative standpoint to the promotional agenda it was all her, nobody forced her to do it.

You can very well keep working on your passion while wanting some part of your private life to remain private. If you can't fantom that then you're not really a good person. 

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