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Jamie Lynn talks about mental health: "If you deal with mental illness or care for someone dealing with mental illness, then you know how important it is to respect the situation with privacy for the person"

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1 minute ago, DanielRodes said:

I don't remember if she worded it exactly the way I did, but that was the message. It implied that Britney does have something to say and that she won't be the one speaking for her first.

Yeah i mean im pretty sure i didn't worded it either right cause i just woke up. 

My point is that its very convenient the "Britney has not shared anything yet". Well Juno Lou SHE CAN'T

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3 minutes ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

She's saying people that suffer from mental illness need privacy (totally agree) and the people that are "protecting them" aka taking their human rights need that same level of privacy too (Umm noo). If you want to take someone's personal and financial freedoms away, you need to be held the highest possible level of scrutiny. The people who are taking someone's freedoms should have a constant burden of proof to justify the need for the immense legal power they possess over another human life, whether it's Britney Spears or an old senile broke grandpa in Oklahoma. 

It's all private stuff though, i mean if i was Britney i don't think i would enjoy to see all my personnal stuff/medical records/court details etc everywhere for everyone to see. I mean she's no different than us, i would hate it personnaly. People are making fun of her for being under a conservatorship at age 38, this is a hard situation for anyone to handle.

Now about the conservatorship issues this a whole different debate, she clearly needs to fight for her rights (and she will).

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25 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

What Jamie Lynn is saying... it's the piece of the puzzle that is a looming cloud over the #FreeBritney movement: the lack of transparency/communication. 

Britney nor her family / team don't technically owe anyone an explanation, but at the same time the silence she's asking for is what's causing the storm in the first place. It's impossible at this point (in my opinion) to move forward with silence. It's not working and it hasn't for a long time. 

I also understand their side of things: that it's no one else's business. However, there are literally millions of people who are invested in Britney and this situation. Therefore, silence is not the answer. No one at this point, especially the emotionally charged supporters of the #FreeBritney movement, will be silent. 

There must be some type of compromise or action to move the needle, otherwise we'll just keep going round and round and round and round. Like I mentioned in my note the other day, that to me looks like hiring a life coach for Britney. Also, I'd really love to see a note from Britney regarding what's going on. Something with depth and vulnerability (versus ~nothing to see here, everything's fine I need your silence~).  

I do give JL props for touching on the subject though. I know she's going to receive a lot of hate for that which I don't think is fair, but that's just how the Internet works unfortunately. 

Until the day the Britney speaks the words from her mouth “Im ok with my situation, I’m not being mistreated, please respect my family and team, I love them and they are doing absolutely everything they can to help me through this”

Not a typed out insta caption, Not from a source... I want to hear her SAY she is good!!!

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30 minutes ago, FreeLou said:

She is living the life of her dreams thanks to her sister.Zero charisma, zero talent, zero personality. 

U forgot zero beauty as well :gagasmile:

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26 minutes ago, FreeLou said:

**** YOU, JUNO LOU. This biiitch is living the life of her dreams thanks to her sister.Zero charisma, zero talent, zero personality. 

U forgot zero beauty as well :gagasmile:

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Britney was more herself in FTR than we have ever seen since the conservatorship has continued on for this past decade. She gave  a letter to the photographer at the time for him to reveal to the public on her mistreatment. At this moment in time, is Britney allowed to speak for herself but is choosing not to or is no one letting her? 

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