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Jamie Lynn talks about mental health: "If you deal with mental illness or care for someone dealing with mental illness, then you know how important it is to respect the situation with privacy for the person"

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I will start by saying I believe Britney needs to be freed from the conservatorship, I want to say I think JL needs to be left alone.

As someone who has an older sister that suffers from bipolar disorder, who seemed generally fine/normal before she had her second child. And then she spiraled. She had drug issues before pregnancy, so her starting after wasn’t a shock. However she just went off the deep end. She became someone we didn’t know. She left her boys to go party. She surrounded herself with had people. She cut the family out. She would come around and be devastated over missing the boys, but couldn’t get a grip on herself. We believed postpartum depression had a big influence on her behavior after her second. Family tried to get her into rehab, she went for two days and decided she didn’t need it. She was diagnosed only after being arrested and potentially facing federal charges. She refused medication. She hasn’t seen her youngest son since he was 6 months old. He’s 12 now. Her oldest is 14 and has had her in and out of his life. Never stable. It’s clearly caused issues for him. Her youngest and last child is 5 and I just adopted her because her dad was just some random dude my sister ****ed for drugs, because that’s what being a poor person with mental and drug issues basically leads to.

Now in these 12 years my sister has never been able to stabilize. Because she won’t admit she has a problem. She’s literally slept outside in the streets homeless. My family has always wished there was something we could do to help her. From everything she’s done she now has a serious heart condition and she needs to take medication to help with that. She’s not doing that either.

If my family could have put her in something like a conservatorship honestly we probably would have. Her boys wouldn’t have suffered all they have because of her. And we would know she’s safe and healthy. I would definitely not keep my sister like that if she was able to stabilize. If she took medication and she was obviously gotten her handle on it. But she’s obviously needed someone to actually control her life so she can get it together. Because she can’t on her own. 

So I sympathize with the Spears family over this. They are probably just so terrified Britney will spiral again. And they don’t want to lose her. I believe they love her and she’s not just a cash cow to them. She’s their daughter and sister. I’m sure they want her to do well and be healthy. But they don’t want to watch her driving erratically at 4am on the news. They don’t want to see videos of her on TMZ crying on the curb alone. Hear about how someone came into her life and hides her dogs, phones, keys and drugs her. How her house is kept unlocked where any crazy person can come in and harm her. Now I don’t think Britney will spiral again like that, but I don’t know her. However it’s not up to the family to decide for her. They have to give her the tools to cope and handle her mental illness, her life on her own. And if she falls/fails they need to be there to guide her and help her back up. But not to micromanage her life like this.
Maybe Jamie feels guilt because he spent her childhood as an alcoholic. He wasn’t there for her. He wasn’t close to her. He couldn’t protect his baby girl and bad things happened to her. So now he feels like he must do everything in his power to stop bad things from ever happening again. My dad is similar, he had drug issues. He wasn’t there for my sister. Bad things happened. He does everything he can to help her still even though at this point it’s just enabling her. And my mom, who doesn’t know what she can do but is there if my sister ask. Who has decided my dad is best to be in charge of my sister. 

So instead of being angry with the spears family that likely are doing what they are doing with the belief that they are protecting the sister/daughter they love. Just try to be understanding. Lou and the rest you can be mad at. I’m sure they are the ones planting seeds of doubt and saying Britney would die without this help. 

I didn’t mean to make this so long. 

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1 hour ago, YannFrance said:


Do you not see that Britney want none of this? Even on Xfactor she was very guarded, it's just the way she is. She's a private "boring" (according to her own words) person.

She doesn't owe her fans any explanations, she will talk if she wants to and that's it. 

She DOES want to. She DOES want to express herself. She DOES want to expose her father and team you ignorant, foolish, idiotic, dumb cow :howiroll:

She DID speak once about her conservatorship in a 2016 interview, but guess what happened next? her team censored it. So with all of this buffoonery happening, You expect her to do livestream and exhale ama, go on Instagram and crap on how her team has been controlling her like she is a 10-year old when her team can censor her talk just a minute about something she has had on her back for 12 whole years?
I hope you educate yourself on why Britney’s doesn’t need this anymore because she has lost all of the basic human rights, every human being has, and to just support people who r ruining her life is atrocious.


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I don’t know how to feel about this but to be honest, I don’t like Jamie Lynn, she seems egotistical and entitled. The fact that she is close to Loucifer says a lot ! 

On the other hand, it’s funny that she decided to post this today of all days, the timing is just appropriate for them to make everyone else bad about her sister and make the CON Team super heroes. 

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1 minute ago, SlayOut said:

This is a genuine question, but where does JL our Britney as being bipolar? She doesn’t say that in her caption...

Her caption was a response to a post about bipolar. if this is an earnest question, then I hope that answers it sweetie poo :kiss:

If that's not enough proof for you and you want to defend JL then please save it, or reply elsewhere and don't quote me cause I don't want to hear it. :quirkney:

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Just now, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

Her caption was a response to a post about bipolar. if this is an earnest question, then I hope that answers it sweetie poo :kiss:

If that's not enough proof for you and you want to defend JL then please save it, or reply elsewhere and don't quote me cause I don't want to hear it. :quirkney:

Idk why you’re being so aggressive. But thanks for clarifying your statement... 

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Called it. Britney is like 75% most likely bipolar and fame has probably drastically enhanced it.

I think people who said this conservatorship is bad really need to see how bad a manic episode can get. People with this disorder will sleep with strangers, spend all their money, put their lives and other lives in danger. I've mentioned it before. 

Look at her past behaviors and compare them to the disease. Top that with alcohol and drugs, fame and fortune and it's a recipe for disaster. 

I see everyone talking about how crazy Kanye is, do you want them to be saying that about your girl Brit. And one last thing, bipolar disorder typically have a real high and then a super bad low or depression that usually follows. Probably why she was crying a lot on stage at the end.

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