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Never Forget The Unholy Trinity: BrittonJeanSpears, Goten21 and IGOTYOUCRAZY

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They were my mentors, they were my juniors, they were my friends. They were Britney Jean. :imcute:

The iconic @Goten21 and I are still friends to this day. And I hope he knows he can count on me for anything. :hugs:

Sadly, I haven't spoken to @IGOTYOUCRAZY in years. His profile has even been deleted in that time. :crying2: I miss him. We stopped being friends because he was obsessed with an actor that I didn't know or find all that cute. And in return, he called my then-boyfriend ugly. I mean... He was right, but I was blinded by love at the time, so we fell out.

I don't believe IGYC and Goten have spoken in a while, either.

But we were the dream team. :crying4: We could take any flop thread and take it to 50 pages in a day or two. We were respected, loved, feared and ridiculed. And it was iconic. :ricackle: They taught me all about Exhale and how to behave (and misbehave :tiffcackle: ) online, since I was an internet newbie, and in turn, I tried to be a big brother-type figure and take them under my wing, offering sage advice as only a sheltered teenager could do. :cackling: And around us, we built a tight-knit friend group and ruled Exhale's threads day in and day out.

I miss my gurls.


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