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Can you find friends and / or a quality man on Grindr?

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13 minutes ago, portrait said:

I thought tinder is grindr for straight people :mhmnod:  

but what do  people expect from grindr though? it is what it is... lol. it's all about ***, so people will be superficial. it's meat market 

Nah Tinder offers gay search too, you just insert that you're interested in men and it matches you. As far as grindr goes, you're right tbh, everyone should install that app with lowest expectations. Users there are sublife :orangu:

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No. Simple as that. You meet on Grindr to ****. You don’t call your one night stand and say heyyyy wanna come over and watch tv or play video games, an not ****? It’s always about the ****. Anyone who says they go on Grindr just to talk is full of ****.


someone hurt me real bad. Can you tell? Lol honesty is key. 

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On 7/16/2020 at 6:49 PM, Garrett said:

There was an app called Chappy were you could designate what you were looking for and friends was an option. 

Sweety, trust me, that doesn't mean anything to thirsty guys. 🥺

Let me tell you: No, you won't find friendships or relationships on those apps (most of the time) because they are designed like a pizza-service app, that makes people thirsty for more, because you know? Maybe there is someone better out there? 

I do think all those apps are trash and don't do anything good for gayrights or the LGBTQ-community. 

I mean why should i want to date man who is already taken to a woman? Why should i be interested in open relationship guys? 

Sorry, but this is so ****ed up and most of them don't even understand a no. 

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So after years of closeted Grindr surfing and hookups, I met my boyfriend on there early last year. Since then, we’ve moved in together, later bought a new house we are currently renovating (just got my quartz counters! 🙆🏼‍♂️) and are happily committed and still enjoying every second together. I care about him and us so much that it pushed me to face my truth, and I came out to my very religious family. Plus he’s hot af with a nice big peen 🙃😃🤡 sooo there’s hope. I would say try bumble though, a little less hook up oriented. 

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On 7/15/2020 at 11:00 PM, C0CKy said:

I’ve never used Grindr because I’ve always felt like people on there were only looking for one thing. And also because I’ve always been in relationships since the app came out. I’ve recently moved to a new state and basically the only person I know here is my (now ex) who wants me back but also just told me he has a baby on the way. :qtbrit:

My question is — is it possible to use Grindr as a social networking app for friends?  Are people on there respectful of those intentions? 

Also, if I eventually want to start looking for a relationship is it possible to find a quality man on there?  By quality man I mean someone who believes in monogamy and isn’t too promiscuous. And I’m not **** shaming — promiscuous men are just more likely to cheat in my experience. And that’s a deal breaker. 

Tell me about your experiences on there cuz I’m bored and curious.  grindr.jpg.21c8373f860e8bc96d4fa8e9100a4111.jpg

For me is a... NO!!! At least in my country, Spain, no matter what because there’s always a problem: Too fat, too skinny, too old, too short, you smoke... Seems Grindr users are looking for a clon of their favorite  p**n stars instead regular and real persons...

Registering into this app is like exposing yourself as some kind of product for sale into a supermarket. Use it and go... It’s too difficult to find somebody up for some conversation, someone who wants to share some things in common. Of course, I’m open to have some *** with an appealing boy or man, I don’t have much problems with age or weight.

I’m so tired of my experience with this kind of apps, there are a lot of insensitive people. I rather know people in real places, it works better for me and I enjoy it more than chatting with the photograph of a person who wants to leave your house in the middle of the night after passing some kind of interview, just to give him what he wants and then go back to your house again after the job is done... It’s humiliating...

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