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Original video of her dancing to Rihanna in comments.

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Apparently the initial video of her dancing in the pink shorts showed her on the floor crying? But they quickly took it down and edited it... anyone have the video or link to the video? I’ve only seen the picture floating around... but I wouldn’t have believed it otherwise. Anyone seen it? 

edited to add: found the video on Twitter, watched it, people are insane for thinking that she was crying... clearly she was just laying on the floor resting after dancing. But it’s super cute and everyone should watch it ❤️

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False alarm
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seriously this tiktokers are helping but they are tripping hard with her instagram posts. Real #FreeBritney supporters aren't worried about her instagram videos, cause she's happy dancing, killing time, that's her way to cope with all of this, she has a very positive attitude thru it all.


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1 minute ago, Roxxy said:

She seems very happy. In fact I like this video better than the one currently up. Not you alarming us like that. :blol:

Yesss. I agree! I am part of a group on FB and everyone who saw it was like “omg she’s crying!!“ but I finally found the video and she’s definitely just chillin after doing her twirls! Hahaha. It’s sad how blown up this has gotten. Like, the Facebook group I’m in people are predicting they’ll kill her... like. Whaaaat. Anyway! Sorry for the alarming post!! I hadn’t seen the video until just now 

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35 minutes ago, dbagswag said:

she just uploaded her plopping down for a drink of water on her story. is she here?? is lou or whoever controls the gram really here??

Britney, if you’re here... please. Just tell us to stop worrying about you and that we are overreacting, or have the courage to speak out. If you do need to speak out, you can guarantee the planet will be on your side. Despite thousands of internet trolls, the entire human race knows you are a good, kind person. Please. Even though we aren’t entitled to any knowledge of your personal life, I think it’s time to be transparent. Even still, we will continue to fight for you. 

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