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This Day in Pop: 'Make Me...' single featuring G-Eazy is released in 2016 (July 15)

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Literally my favorite Britney song alongside Gimme More. :tiffanynod_miss_ms_ny_new_york_yes_yas_nodding_agree:

Make Me just transports me to another dimension of human existence! Impact! :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:


If any Make Me haters come in this thread they should be banned for lack of taste. :queenflopga_walk_sass_pink:


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I know this song gets a lot of hate on here but it's in my top 5 of britney songs and I still listen to it daily. I loved that after years of her team saying "her new album has a different sound!" It was finally true. This was totally different and so so so good. She sounds amazing. 

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I didn't expect Britney chose a mid-tempo R&B song as a lead single. It was a pleasant surprise to me.

I like everything about this song except that terrible music video, probably her worst video ever. Leaked David LaChapelle's version is superior to the official video.

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