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Do you believe in Ghosts?

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First time posting here! 😜

I can’t believe after lurking here since BH was a Britney only site, THIS is what got me to post 😂

I grew up in the 90’s in Minnesota.
My parents divorced when I was 8, and we spent every other weekend at my dads haunted house.

This house has every type of ghost you could think of- a shadow man in a trench coat and brimmed hat, another separate shadow figure that danced down the hallway,  a man in a fishing type get up, a doppelgänger of my father, 2 giggling little girl ghosts, and many other unseen entities.

The dishwasher, radios, and lights would turn themselves on and off at will. Loud banging would be heard on walls and doors.
Door handles would jiggle and turn on their own. Feelings of being touched or caressed in the shower were reported.

My father also had an incident where he felt someone crawl into bed with him in the middle of the night when he was the only one home.

My uncle reported hearing 2 little girls giggling and singing in the basement one night while sleeping downstairs.

Also there was a salamander plague one night. The entire yard was covered in slimy, slithering salamanders. It only ever happened once. Not positive if that is paranormal, but it’s certainly strange.

One sunny, Saturday morning while visiting my dad, my brother and I were up early watching cartoons. As we sat on the couch, we heard 3 booming knocking sounds on the wall 5-6 feet behind us.

Our heads snap back to look at the wall where the sound was coming from, but we saw nothing.

Mu brother and I quickly turned to look at each other with frightened eyes.
I, being the older sister, tried to be brave and tell him it was nothing.

As we turn our attention back to the cartoons, my little 8 year old brain is spinning. What if that banging noise we just heard wasn’t “just the pipes” as I had been told so many times.

As these thoughts swirl in my head we hear another knocking noise. Knock, knock, knock.

But this time it is coming from somewhere in the kitchen off to our left. It’s not as noisy as the first time, and the sound is different. Like someone is knocking on the counter this time instead of the wall.

We quickly strain our necks to peek inside the kitchen with lightening speed to catch whomever or whatever is making that noise. Again, there is nothing there.

Once again I pretended to be brave and tell me brother, “it’s nothing.”

My heart is thumping in my chest, and there are butterflies in my tummy as the familiar anxiety takes hold of me.

I tuck myself up on the couch in a ball, not wanting my legs to dangle off the side. I no longer feel safe. Nothing is to be trusted.

Knock, knock, knock.

We hear the noise again. This time coming from the dining room.
I can tell the noise is coming from the wooden dining table this time.

I can see the entire table from where I am sitting, and there is nothing on the table that should be making that noise. No one except me and my brother are awake. There is no logical reason for this knocking noise that is moving around us.

Just then I realize the knocking sounds have been moving in a big circle around us. If this invisible entity is to move any closer to us, the next logical place for it to knock would be on the coffee table sitting less than a foot away.

No sooner than that idea crossed my mind did we hear knocking from, you guessed it, the damn coffee table!

I flip over the back of my couch in a reverse somersault like motion, and run at super human speed to my fathers bedroom.
In my panic I completely left my little 3 years old brother behind to fend for himself. Luckily he wasn’t too far behind.

We sneak into our fathers room, and quietly lay on the floor. Our dad would have been super pissed if we woke him up early on a Saturday morning, even for a ghost. In our commotion, we wake up our sister who is already sleeping on our dads floor. Us 3 kids always slept on his floor when we were visiting. We also used the bathroom together. THAT’S how terrified of the ghosts we were.

So we quietly whisper what just happened to our sister. 

As we are telling her this story, something catches our eye. We can see a black shadow under the small space between the bottom of the door and the plush carpet. This black shadow is pacing back and forth in the hallway just on the other side of the door.

I don’t remember what happened after this point, somehow the rest of that memory has been lost with time. But I know for sure we didn’t open that door.

Sorry for all the rambling, but I hope you enjoyed my story.
I can’t wait to hear your thoughts (and jokes) about one of my experiences.

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Ghosts, demons, supernatural or whatever you call it, I had 2 experiences:

My 1st encounter was on 2014, my friends were visiting and wanted to play Ouija at my house, my ex was there too, he started to ask whether I love him or not and got his answer; yes, so he kept on asking until he started to ask the board some stupid questions: Are you a demon? The bored answered: yes, Will you hunt us down? The bored answered; yes. Do you hate us? The bored answered; yes. **** got real so my ex decided to end the game but everytime we tried to end it, a higher force pushes our hands to the center again, my ex got scared and broke the circle without saying good bye. The next day we broke up, my mom got sick for 3 days and had lots of nightmares while sleeping.


My 2nd encounter was on last year 2019 with my ex wife who was possessed by a demon, everytime I tried to have *** with her she scream and shout (Not in a human tune) while the wall behind me made some noise, like if someone was scratching it with their nails, not to mention the loud footsteps around the bed, it felt like the demon was mad on me for trying to have *** with her.. my ex was married one time before.. her ex husband who I reached for had the exact same issue, she’s still a virgin until this day.

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15 hours ago, bryceecyrb said:

idk, there's no scientific consensus, but I've had some weird **** happen in mah lyfe. 

So my answer is usually:

Nope, but I believe there's lots of things about our world that we lack to fully understand yet and one day the weird **** that happens to people will one day have an explanation. Whether it be ghosts, fairies, me having secret superpowers, etc. :jackk:

Its an interesting thought because scientifically, its just IMPOSSIBLE but hey atleast i have a friendly ghost in the house

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when I was a kid, I could leave my body and fly around.. don't know how to describe it better, but I experienced many out of body experiences (not while dreaming, I was fully awake) .. when I got older I kind of lost this ability, but since then I'm convinced that the soul exists independently from the body. I'm not esoteric or religious , but I think after life the soul will look for a new body, a new life. I don't believe in ghosts though, at least not the cliché horror movie image

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  • Exhale+

I’ve had a few paranormal encounters where I’ve woken up to weird things happening... but  I could of just had dreamt tho lol.

They were scary af tho, have happened a few times and felt really real in the moment. I’m not a religious person but I remember praying really hard in those moments 



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Well, Not in ghost but in energy and entities exists 

so we need to respect too much what we hear and what we said, be careful with sabrina on netflix, the other church are mad and demanded netflix because they re using some secret symbols and real spells and  prayers that only could be treated by the other church and not by netflix, soo.... be careful. An many other things.

The same for contacting spirits in "games" and many stuff, i got friends histories that are just creepy, i mean works with bad energies, so its not the best you could do.


Believe what you want, but got respect before you name something 



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