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"This is: Britney Spears " on Spotify actually brings her the numbers

Hungry Hun

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So I have nothing to do tonight and I decided to check her catalogue on Spotify :snooptoya:

Despite Glory being the most consistent album in terms of overal streams (take the singles from the other albums and they have nothing on Glory), there's some disparity between some tracks. Some of the most successful songs - near or above 10 mil streams - are in the "This is: Britney Spears" playlist, being: Make Me, Slumber, Come Over, Just Luv Me, Just Like Me and Man On The Moon. The exceptions are  Change Your Mind (~14mil) and Liar (~8mil). Clumsy (~10mil) and Private Show (~12mil) were released as promo tracks before the album and tanked compared to the other ones.

Smth similar happens to Blackout. While the singles are all there, Get Naked out of all the other tracks was added to the playlist and is currently the most successful non single track from the album with ~12mil. Same happens to Outrageous, Anticipating and The Hook Up (which has more streams than Touch of My Hand :ipass:). All non single tracks that really shouldnt be there :tired:

So my point is... the playlist and its 478k followers actually works :wow:

 And they should've put more tracks from Glory in there when it was released :tiffhair:, like wtf Get Naked is doing there :madonna: 

That's it, have a good night yall  :cackling: If anyone have some monthly stats on her Spotify performance please share :wonka:

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