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Britney Spears as a Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist (52+ songs)

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5 minutes ago, Itachi said:

it's kinda embarrassing tbh. after she was praised by Heather Bright when she worked for FF:

Anyway … here’s my thing … and I feel VERY passionate about this issue. Britney could have come to me, like all these other A-list artists, and said …

"Hey, you wanna be on my album? I’m gonna need writing credit for that song AND part of your publishing even though I didn’t write anything! And then I’m gonna go on tour and gross $150 million in ticket sales and not give you any of that, even though I’m performing your song!”

"I could rattle off a laundry list of artists who I’ve had that conversation with! And I’m on the other end like … “Oh okay … so you wanna **** me, but just with the tip?!” *Prince side eye* Britney’s one of the few artists I’ve worked with who didn’t try to take something that wasn’t hers. In my experience, from a business standpoint, her entire team is nothing less than a bonafide class act!"

full article: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/songwriter-defends-britney-spears-174966

so maybe that's the reason why aside from WB, Perfume, and Alien, she never performed any other track from BJ despite "writing" these songs

Wow, I've never heard of this before. That's so interesting. Thanks for sharing. :ohmygawd:

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@Itachi We cannot prove those are stolen credits. Any variation/addition in lyrics, any change in music may warrant a songwriting credit. The final Britney Jean versions often differ from their original demos in terms of lyrics or music. We weren't there during those sessions. Sebastian Ingrosso explained how he got a songwriting credit on Work **** for simply assisting w/ production (he did not write any lyrics nor melodies).

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27 minutes ago, Louis_j said:

She also wrote the rap of Everybody (Blackout) and the bridge of Don't Keep Me Waiting (Femme Fatale) but wasn't credited. 

And the Britney Jean credits are fake. I believe she didn't write on Passenger, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache and Work *****.

Myah confirmed Britney and someone else did the second verse of Body Ache (including the Breathe Heavy reference) 

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