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Tell me your Zodiac Sign and your Ascendant and I will tell you what type of person you are

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I've been reading into Zodiac for 3 years now :mhm: my friend got me into it when she read my natal chart after knowing me for 3 days and saying straight to my face "you like verbal humiliation in *** don't you?" a secret not many people know. Anyway, I basically know a ****ton about Zodiac signs now and I can read into the natal chart pretty well. Now, you Sun sign (main sign) and your ascendant can tell me only so much about you without the full natal chart, but I would love to see if I can guess :mhm: so hit me. What are your signs exhalers?

I'll start:

I'm a Virgo/Scorpio, which means I'm extremely career oriented and materialistic. That's because Virgo is an Earth signs (grounded materialists) plus my natal chart has 4 other Virgos in it. Additionally, Virgos are super kinky but hiding it well. I can also become very envious, mysterious and jealous, those are the negative traits of Scorpio which affect my personality a lot. Sometimes, your sun and your ascendant are in a huge disagreement like in my case, Earth is calculated and collected, while Water sings are extremely emotional. However, my scorpio allows me to be more empathetic than regular virgos, which is great when it comes to feeling the atmosphere and gut feeling. 

I'll be waiting for your replies :queenriri:

P.S. if you don't believe in Zodiac and think its BS, no problem. Take this thread as a form of fun :)154108486_images-2020-07-08T205936_308.jpeg.90f40c0bea5708b49502605ea56b51f5.jpeg

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44 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

I'm a Sagitarrius Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Aquarius Rising. :barbie:

Omg such an interesting combination! Fire mixed with water. Extremely creative and extremely expressive too! Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, which means you contain your emotions and ambitions the best of the three fire signs. You are obviously extremely optimistic because of your ascendant too. I'm gonna guess you adore traveling and you love adventure of all types. Getting lost in the forest, discovering paths that you believe no other person has walked before. Obviously, like any Sagg, your freedom cannot be compromised for even a second. You need to be independent and free at all costs otherwise you get sad :( 

Your ascendant is humanitarian, and you definitely have a constant feeling that the needs of our communities need to be put before our own personal benefit. Aquarius usually has AMAZING intuition and gut feeling, so I'm going to assume you always have a little voice inside you telling you something is wrong.

This can only be hightened by your scorpio moon. Scorpio has a reputation of a very empathetic sign ruled by strong emotions, moreover, it is a mysterious sign that rarely let's people see its core. Considering that you have one of the most mysterious signs in zodiac as your moon (and moon represents your inner self only YOU know), I believe you definitely have layers that not everyone can see. I would advise letting people in a little bit more, it will definitely destroy the feeling of loneliness this combination tends to bring :) 

All combined, you have an amazing chart as far as I can see. You are a kindred spirit with amazing intuition and a great empath - we all definitely have a lot to learn from you! 

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48 minutes ago, MarcusNilsson said:

Scorpio/Scorpio and moon in Virgo. :) 

Amazing! Scorpio tends to have a reputation of an "evil" sign by the zodiac veterans, but this is far from true. In the ancient times, when Zodiac was basically considered a religion in many cultures, priests were usually born in Scorpio. This is because no other sign in Zodiac has such strong attachment to emotions, our inner darkest and brightest self alike! It was believed scorpios walked the fine line between life and death and their third eye is the widest. 

Being double water, you definitely have amazing intuition and you can literally feel the energy and the atmosphere around you, your energy floats all over a room and goes right back into you, telling you exactly what's going on and how everyone feels. You definitely don't trust people too much, and you often feel like someone is conspiring against you or mocking you behind your back. This is not self-reflection, this is nothing but scorpio's innocence and you being worried people out there will use your kind empathetic heart for their own gain. You are a cluster of emotions and you have so much to offer to us all! Your combination (double scorpio) is one of the most difficult ones to evolve, but once you do, you are literally the definition of enlightenment. 

Not to mention that your reputation of being very ****** and seductive is definitely true.

As for your moon, it is a very good Moon sign to have in your combo. Out of all the Earth signs, Virgo is the oldest one and the most grounded one. It will  calm down your emotional havoc, and it will help you slow down, calculate your next move, and finish what you started successfully. I am honestly very glad to see Virgo is your moon because I know she will help you evolve in all the right ways. Make sure that you always listen to her - our moon sign is our deepest, most inner voice that we tend to ignore. Don't ignore her, Virgo will always tell you if you're bound to make a mistake. She's your friend. 

All together: You have a lot to offer to this world, and if you try hard enough to work on yourself, you will end up being the healer and the teacher the Universe wants you to be. And nothing feels better than helping us all conquer our deepest fears and negativity :)

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52 minutes ago, Arcticlover said:

I'm a virgo, sagittarius rising and moon in aries can you please tell me ? :D that'd be interesting 

Hi fellow Virgo!!! I assume that you're fully aware of what a great sign Virgo is. You're well grounded, you know your goals, and you're extremely hard working. You find the sense of meaning in everything material - not because you're a spender, but because material brings you the feeling of safety and content. You need to make sure that everything around you works in order, and that nothing can catch you off guard. You're definitely VERY ambitious, because your combination is those of earth and fire signs - these are well known for their ambition, however, often for different reasons. You're clean, pedantic and always on point (slay!).

As for your ascendant, I must admit it works great with Virgo. As great as Virgo is, it can often limit us. It is not a risk taker, and without risk there's no prosperity. It is definitely not an adventurer sign either, but all of this is perfectly scaled with your Sagittarius! You want to be out in the world, you wish to see wonders and meet so many people to share experience and your beliefs with. This is where your Virgo jumps in - she will help you earn and save a lot of money, so your inner sagi will get the opportunity to enjoy what it needs. These two signs work like best buddies! 

Your moon in Aries only adds up to your Sag and Virgo, all three of your signs are know as being independent. So you have an insane need to always be on your own and rely on yourself only. Moreover, all three of your signs are known for their ambition and seeking for constant challenges! Thanks to Aries, you are brutally honest to people, and demand the same treatment from them. Naturally, this is enhanced by your Virgo as well, she also adores honesty more than anything. 

Overall: Your combination is quite amazing. You're a ball of fire who always wants to know more, see more, and experience more! A little piece of advice from me though, these signs often forget that they can be exhausting. You might feel tired from time to time and they could make you feel guilty for this - it's important that you shouldn't feel this way. Three energetic signs definitely drain you, so remember that you're just a human, and that you need to recharge your batteries. Use your inner sagittarius and go into the forest, inhale some fresh air, take a nap, and enjoy the greenery! :)

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