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#FreeBritney. This 2009 Britney audio, where asks for help is real?

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It sounds her tbh, I don't think people will enjoy to fool people about c-ship of Britney, essentially if #FreeBritney wasn't a trend in 2008-2009. If the video was published today, I would less trust than if it was in 2009 tbh but it's so scary at the same time. :(

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1 minute ago, MSTAR said:

A quanto pare, non credo che la gente si divertirà a ingannare le persone sulla nave c-Britney, essenzialmente se #FreeBritney non era una tendenza nel 2008-2009. Se il video fosse stato pubblicato oggi, mi sarei meno fidato che se fosse nel 2009, ma è così spaventoso allo stesso tempo. :(

Super scary. 

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6 hours ago, TheySayImCrazy18 said:

I’m Not Sure.  Probably Not. 


6 hours ago, NewDisplayName said:

I think it was from 2008 but then I thought like 50/50% cause c-ship was a mess from the start but when no one said anything I thought it wasn't her.. 

But now I think it is her and media is corrupted.. then there was not popular youtube channels ..  information wasn't going far..


6 hours ago, theKARATEkid said:

I posted this on here about a year ago and i’ve been told by many that it’s def fake. Can’t find receipt tho, probably has been merge in the 3000 pages #FreeBritney thread :pieceofwhat:

2 hours ago, EasyThere said:

Its 100% real why are yall even doubting it ? I believe it's from early 2009. Cship was supposed to end once she was done with Circus Tour. 

1 hour ago, Mutya said:

This has been online since 2009 and no one took it down I think it’s somehow safe

Not only has it been online since 2009, it was played in court and was reported on by media...

"During testimony in this case, the judge heard an alleged voicemail from Spears in which she asks for help, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aviva K. Bobb ultimately sided with Jamie Spears. “Never before in the history of the world has a restraining order been issued against someone who merely responded to cries for help,” Lutfi’s lawyer Bryan Freedman said. Spears’ attorney Joel Boxer admitted that the restraining order request was “unusual,” but argued it was necessary in order to protect the Circus singer from “people who I think are fairly characterized as predators..."


43 minutes ago, YannFrance said:

This is 11 years ago, she's not the same person anymore.

Well, this is the dilemma.  Obviously the social media presence in recent years is far different than during 2009-2010 and above all, the public/media/fans do not know about her present feelings about the conservatorship.



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2 hours ago, Mutya said:

This has been online since 2009 and no one took it down I think it’s somehow safe

For The Record says hi. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to get these taken down. But, if they do that it will only validate the authenticity. It’s a lose lose for Team CON. 

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37 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

Aren't they all out there? I am pretty sure at least 2 are. I don't have the third anymore. It essentially said the same as the others. I recall her team denied they were Britney's voice. :brityawning: For Britney's career to thrive moving forward we need transparency. Periodt. 

Oh Ok :makeitrain:.  I Never Heard The Other Two.  And For Britney’s Career To Thrive We Need Promo. 

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