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What if Brit truly was in dire conditions like all of those articles claimed?

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And the facility stint was necessary? What if she was only forced against her will because she was refusing treatment she should’ve had?

i don’t remember the Britney’s gram voicemail that much, and I can’t remember what was said about this. 

some of us believe she stopped taking meds to rebel; the media said she stopped taking them after they stopped working and her mental health suffered; hence the facility trip which Britney said no to and was forced into because she said no. 

opinions on this?

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she was doing fine in rehearsals and that’s when supposedly she’s not taking medication. Why is it when she’s on medication she’s worst than when she’s not. You can see the frustration in her face sometimes when she’s struggling to get the right steps. I mean early in the cship her team was stating this was only to protect her from evil people like Sam Lufti but over the years it’s turned into “she’s is still struggling with her illness” and what is that? Dementia? She still knows she’s Britney Spears the popstar. She still knows her hits, she can speak coherently, she made an album, that’s far from having “dementia” or whatever illness they come up with. Their stories are always inconsistent and the fact Lou Taylor bought up all domains relating to conservatorship is enough proof that it’s not for Britney’s best interest

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My hope for this movement is that it will lead to the entirety of her situation being reviewed by an external party of people who are impartial yet have the best interest of Britney and her wellbeing at heart.

It's beyond my own knowledge (and others not in her circle) whether she really needs a conservatorship, meds, treatment etc. But what is obvious is that if she does (as the thread is speculating) then why has she been in the spotlight and working for the last 12 years?

I love and respect her no matter what, so if it's true that she is in a dire condition then she better be surrounded by people who are doing their upmost to offer her the right care and support, and not to exploit her.

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