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Let's talk about Britney's b-side “Dramatic”

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I don't understand why this song was scrapped. I know they tried to polish her image by then but music is another thing.

Circus has too much bland songs and lacks a bit of sass. This song would have been perfect to balanced that. 

And why was a duet version of the song with Heidi Montag premiered on Ryan Seacrest ? Did they know they wouldn't use the song ?


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7 minutes ago, LLuvia said:

"Tried to abuse me "

This is very important and no one pays attention. This track was inspired by her relationship with Justin.

"You never rocked my world"

"I'll let you drowned in your drama
Run to your mama"

This is totally about Pus$yfied or at least inspired by him. :umok:

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