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Walk the Moon frontman Nick Petricca comes out as bisexual

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Walk the Moon singer Nick Petricca comes out as bisexual. 

Petricca revealed the news on social media:

"i am Bisexual," he wrote.

"today is the last day of Pride Month here in the year 2020, and i think it’s time i said that."

"my whole life i have passed for a “normal person”, cisgender straight guy, and this has afforded me a life of privilege.  virtually no name-calling or bullying or hardship around my sexuality really at all.  my heart is with so many LGBTQ+ human beings who have had a much more challenging experience than i have.  AND i believe in what Harvey Milk said… (i’m paraphrasing) that when the collective as a whole, when people as a whole realize that we are everywhere… that we are your children, that we are your mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters… that we have been with you and among you and are you and have been this whole time… *that’s* the moment when the myths, the bullying, and the inequality will end."

Welcome to the LGBTQ fam, Nick! :rihclap:

Read the full message below:

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19 minutes ago, PuertoRicosFinest said:

Who. *******. Cares.  

Headline should read: One Hit Wonder Releases Follow-up Cringe Video


I think you add to much salt to the food you eat :squint: maybe that’s why you have so much saltiness in you :chrissy: but it’s okay, there’s always a solution :chrissy:

Use only 6 grams of salt in the dishes you make and if you aren’t lazy and don’t feel like sitting all day on the computer forcing yr ideals onto others throats and try to make it seem like you don’t care despite being one of the very first people to have commented , feel free to make a sweet dessert with it to sweeten that bitter trolling personality of yrs :queenflopga: 

enjoy boo! :bigkiss: 

14 minutes ago, OnlyFacts said:

Aren’t you the one who supports Trump?  Enough said.



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12 minutes ago, PuertoRicosFinest said:

Who. *******. Cares.  

Headline should read: One Hit Wonder Releases Follow-up Cringe Video


What does him being a one hit wonder have to do with anything? :parisok: Besides, you might not care and might think that coming out doesn't matter, but if his video manages to comfort and encourage even just 1 person who's struggling with their sexuality, it already matters. I'm from Europe, which is supposed to be progressive, but most people above the age of 30 still think gay people are predators here. You have to realize that just because a lot of people have it good these days, doesn't mean that it's sunshine and roses for everyone. Even in 1st world countries. :heresthetea:

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