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Exhale 30 Day Song Challenge [DAY 5]


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Hi Exhale! :imacat:

Ok so yesterday brought happy thoughts and joyful memories. Today is a Sunday and I figured we could do something reflective. Like, something "sentimental". It's a Sunday anyway. We can chill and relax and contemplate and reflect and be sad [?] :yesokay:

Here is our Free compilation btw! I hope listening to this will make you feel good. 💛🧡💜

So let's start!


DAY 5: A song that reminds you of someone / something you'd rather forget.



*** You may use a song already posted by your fellow Exhaler. 


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My dramatic self listened to this song a lot during an instance of straight boy drama, which I'm sure most gay guys go through at least once. :straddle: It's kinda funny how the lyrics apply to a straight crush situation, tbh:


"I'm not the type of girl for you,

And I'm not going to pretend

I'm the type of girl you'd call more than a friend."


Of course I'm not the type of girl for him - I'm literally a guy. That's the whole reason behind why it will never work out. :weusay:

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I love this song, but I can't listen to it anymore. 

It takes me back to a time when my abusive aunt lived with us because we couldn't afford to pay the bills, so we had to let people move in. My mom was extremely depressed, smoking crack, and just wasn't able to do anything to better our situation. I was also struggling with being diagnosed with a condition and basically life was just hard. :kyliecry: Anyways sorry for ruining the vibe, carry on. :gagasmile:

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This entry is kind of a 1-way manner because they were like a continuation of one another:

2018 was an awful year for me. So after the end of that year from the period of january-march, this was the song i would play in the morning on my ipad when we were going to school. I listened to it as in a way of maybe those things happened to me for a reason (as in a good way) to mature me.

Then after listening to this song...

I would play this song right after that one as a continuation of the other song. The starting instrumentals of the song felt so beautiful and helped me look towards every new day of 2019. It was the song that after i was done playing someday would tell me...those events happened to you for a reason: but lets move on with high hopes this new year and look upto everday as a new day with hopes.:mcry: And i would listen to it looking upto the sun rising....

Hopefully you dont cut one of them, because one of them only tells half of the story, whereas them together tell the whole story and are like interludes

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