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What are Britney's SPEARS (weapons) as a pop artist?

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OK I'm sorry for the title :haha:

I want to know what you think are Britney's strongest features! For example, I'll start with...

  • her dancing skills (she doesn't have Janet's stamina, but she's definitely athletic and can be precise and **** like her)
  • her "girl next door" sexuality (she's not overpowering, yet exciting for many)


Now you go!FB_IMG_1593925171393.jpg.57f4c5eeaf9bf77bd026a5a9f7559f6b.jpg

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32 minutes ago, Itachi said:

her alter ego聽Mona Lisa聽Neyde is more iconique than the entire existence of other basic pop hoes

Where did that name come from? I'm ashamed to say it's the first time I hear it... (but I know the meme, of course)

13 minutes ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

Her *** drive聽:badgirl:

Her shopping spree聽:walkonby:

Her world tour聽:surprisedney:


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46 minutes ago, bitbitboi said:

Where did that name come from? I'm ashamed to say it's the first time I hear it... (but I know the meme, of course)

"it's a popular maid name in Brazil, other fanbases (from Brazil, initially)聽started calling her that聽because she looked聽like a maid on this聽pic聽(also, many pictures of her cleaning her house were taken聽by聽the same time聽this one was taken)"

and that's how Neyde Jean聽was born


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The fact the the general public seems to want to root for her (with the exception of one particular year in her career). To be聽honest though聽sometimes I'm not sure if it's from a place of pity or genuine appreciation. She must just have the personality that makes you love her. Also the fact that nostalgia is really in and everyone loves BOMT and Oops.聽

I was thinking about that John Legend rude X-Factor comment but it was quite ironic;聽Britney is one of the few most聽qualified people that I can think of to be in a position of reverence on a show called X-Factor. She's obviously got--hello--THE X FACTOR, and like quite no other I might add.聽Singing is so subjective too, and what it means to be a singer, or a good one, bad one, etc. His comment still has me mad lol.

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1#Stage Presence

2#BOPS and hits behind her career through her albums

3#She is legend , so legendary choreo

聽Britney is more than an artist, it is an experience, I see that in POM she tries to give it a new twist and new dances moves, but it would be so iconic doing the same choreos and the same rythms from always in songs like baby crazy toxic or oops , even the people that doesn't stan her just see that moves that impacted all the world and the same music would take back to great years of music, POM and any britney show

would not have any negative criticism because how can you criticize a night where you went to a time where you were happy聽#stopconcertremixes

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