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How do you guys feel about Britney’s Instagram?

What do you guys think about Britney’s Instagram?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Britney’s Instagram is:

    • Cute/quirky
    • A little weird
    • Bizarre/concerning

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Some posts seemed very bizarre as if she didn't even look at what she has posted.


- skinny as a needle 

It was very unflattering.. she looked horrendous and the weird filter which made her look as if she had yellow fever. To top it off the quality of the video and angle made it look like she had love handles as she describes she's skinny as a needle 😫

- the one on her balcony with the creepy music

Creepy music, eye makeup and messy hair.. running up and down her balcony. it made her look like a crazy cat lady.


Apart from those extreme ones I don't think they're that bad.

I actually liked the one of her dancing to JT'S song - that looked quite normal

or the recent ones where she's dancing to her feeling. That's actually a meditation technique to just let your body take control and make moves as it currently feels. I personally wouldn't post those though. The one dancing to satisfaction wasn't bad though. 


It's just that people have the narrative that she's crazy and they project that even into her normal videos...



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Her Instagram is just a mix of hiding massages to us and posts from her team maybe with the intent to look her insane so they have a reason to straight up the conservatorship.:mhm:

I understand why most people find it weird. But her own fans?! We should know it better. We know how Britney is. Sarcastic, ironic, and hiding the truth but trow it into your face like If You Seek Amy/**** Me. It hurt me to see that her fans think she is crazy while she just tries to inform us about the truth and she doesn´t get the help she needs because we ignore it and are blind.PLEASE open your eyes. Believe me, Brit is not insane or lost her mind! And you should know that she is just allowed to see Sam and her evil team. She has no family, children, and friends at the moment. Yes, she posted videos of her new clothes and catwalks. Things you normally do with your girlfriends. But she is alone. At the moment we are everything she has. Please don´t be mean and rude to her.

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2 hours ago, OnlyBeyonce said:

She is ruining her legacy with all those weird contents, new generations know her only because she is a living meme and don't know her prime days. If her don't change that she can't keep her carrer in future

not true, the new generation knows her songs more than any pop artist from the 2000s, including Beyoncé...

but I get what you mean, she’s very popular rn for being a living meme lol. a lot of ppl think that she’s messy, and even more are very concerned (look at her comments on instagram: ‘Britney r u ok? Britney I’m concerned! Is it anyone checking on her?’)

she’s never seen with her kids, sometimes with her boyfriends, and the 10 times in a row pictures with her worst angle + messy hair as if she woke up after partying all night (even 2006ney had better hair), her makeup as if it had never been washed, her repetitive moves.

still, she’s far from destroying her legacy, a lot of people like her even more since she’s natural. others find her strange and concerning. 

id rather an instagram more diverse: her funny videos with normal pics would be fine. stop using extremely pitched voice. and change that ******* angle that makes her look like a dwarf.

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I personally don't mind it too much.

Its sweet to see her opening up with some small day to day things and it's obviously amazing to hear from her :sendinglove:

The 'concerns' I do have are:

  • The constant runway/backdrop photoshoot videos are bit repetitive and unnecessary. CONTENT HONEY.
  • These 'dancing' videos which are kind of a laughing stock with GP
  • The constant lack of hair/eye makeup effort (which is also a laughing stock of GP)
  •  My doubt if it is truly her or if it's a 'filtered' version of her through someone in her team. Although in that case...I wonder why they would post some of the content that they do, if that were the case. Ha!

I'm not overly concerned. However all non-stan's in my life are making me doubt myself as if I SHOULD be concerned for her ha!

Although I feel a large proportion of posts are slightly bizarre, and I say with the biggest love in my heart for her... a bit brand-damaging… she's perhaps just having some harmless fun so we shouldn't look too much into it.

confused emoji GIF

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as hard fan of britney
i love her no matter what 


her instagram posts it’s not good for her image and its not gonna help her to gain more fans especially the new/young generations

if she still gonna releasing new music 

she need them for streaming/sales ..etc


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