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Why, and when did you become a Britney Spears fan?


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Why, and when did you become a Britney Spears fan? 


As for myself, I have always had a passion for Britney since I was a child ... when I saw her on TV she always caught my attention and I always imitated her choreography. But I started to follow her constantly and with real passion around the year 2006.

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When I first saw her, I saw love. And the first time I touched her CD (BOMT), I felt love. And after all this time, she's still the one I love. :crying3:

if i can recall the timeline:

  • She was huge when BOMT came out so it's not difficult to like and stan her. BOMT was my first cassette ever (don't me, cassettes were cheaper and i was a gradeschooler)
  • When Oops came out, that's when I can say I really stanned hard as hell. It helped that there was a rivalry with Xxxtina at the time because that made you extra competitive against Fighters, who at the time had a huge population but now on the brink of extinction.
  • I have to admit, I kinda lie low during Britney era because of the **** image (and I was an uneducated, conservative virgin back then too), as well as there were anti-Britney alternatives coming out such as Avril (who I also stan).
  • But when ITZ came out, I was like **** this ****. If Britney wants to be a ***, then I have no business whining, I have to be a *** too. There's no turning back.
  • Ironically, the events that happened after that turned out to be the most difficult times in her life (the partying, coochie flashing, head shaving, paparazzi frenzy, etc.), and also since then we never saw Primeney back. But, too late, I have already decided to stan for life, so I think nothing can make me revoke my stan card. Not even when she appeared listless in Gimme More, or FFney, or her general awkwardness last decade, or the scrapped music videos, or the horrible wigs makeup and costumes in POM (or POMney altogether). No, I decided to stan for life and she will deal


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I can't really remember a time before I became a Britney Spears fan :ehum: I was six or seven when BOMT (the single) came out and I remember everyone at school singing and dancing to it between classes (even though no one knew enough English to understand the words). But I guess I really became a fan when I was 10, during the Britney era. I got the CD (which had just come out) for Christmas, and I bought all her other CD's shortly afterwards :)

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In 1998 with BOMT I was only 7 but I was completely infatuated with her form the start, she’s talented, she’s brave, and she’s gorgeous. Even though I was so young she was magnetic. As I got older and she got older I appreciated how she was able to transition as an artist, I started really listening to her in interviews and went back to old interviews that I didn’t really understand as a kid and I realized, she’s grown up and matured but she never changed as her person, her core values were always the same. She can be really funny, sarcastic and witty but when it comes to serious things (like LGBTQ rights, social justice issues) she doesn’t take them lightly and is and always has been an open minded, accepting, genuine human being. She’s always been very generous and wants help people but doesn’t go around parading telling everyone what a good person she is so she gets praise. She does it because it’s the right thing to do. Professionally she’s always started trends most likely without meaning to most recent example, Vegas became the hot spot for performers and artists, they follow Britney. It’s one thing to be a talented artist, but being a person with great talent, great success, and also being a genuine decent human being is rare to find going hand in hand in one person. These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg about how much I love, respect, and appreciate her as an artist and as a person. She’s been part of my life for 22 years and I still can’t get enough of her. 

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1998, because of the ...Baby One More Time video.

I was 5 years old, but I always spent time at my cousins' house, and they were always watching MTV. I already knew Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc, but when Britney came out with that video, it was like, aaaah

She was just so captivating, and I've been following ever since. I remember when Sometimes video premiered, our first "new Britney video", my siblings and I were obsessed with her, but now it's only me lol 

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I was a wee bit late to the party but not so late. im pretty sure I became a fan the 2nd half of 2000. I was 9 years old and I was a massive spice girls fan but by 2000, Geri had left and they were about to release their 3rd album Forever but like everyone I sort of knew they were nearing the end. So I remember watching MTV and seeing Oops and Stronger videos and I really loved their two songs. my mum and dad then started to notice I was starting to like her and I think they were so relieved haha because from like late 1996 to 2000 I was spice girls obsessed and they were all I listened to or watched on TV. So I think they were glad I was playing someone different lol. Then I got the Oops album first, I cant minds if my parents bought it for me or it was a present from someone. and I loved it. and then I found out she had a album before it and asked my mum and dad to buy it for me which    

 they did and that was me hooked. Britney replaced the spice girls on my bedroom walls [well half of my walls, I shared with my sister so half was ponies and cartoon crap, then half was firstly spice girls covered then it was Britney covered lol   

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I became a fan between the Blackout and the Circus era, but I had listened to her songs since 1999 (the best known) and had 3 albums of hers that asked for birthday or Christmas, as well as other artists. But it was in the most difficult phase of her life that I became interested in her career and in the beautifull human being that she is and when the documentary "For the record" debuted (I was 18 years old), I never stopped following her life and career until today. 

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I was 13 years old in 2013 and Justin Timberlake had just made his comeback with Suit and Tie, I started researching his music and past and found out about Britney through that. I'm a Slave 4 U was one of the first songs I heard and I loved it:lollipop:I've been a fan ever since lol

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I became a fan when I was 6 in 2000.

I remember that me and my family were going to Mexico to visit my dad's side of the family.

We were on a bus and while we were on it, her Oops video was playing and she caught my attention immediately.

I asked my mom who she was and I was so mesmerized by her dancing and out of this world beauty and

I've been hooked ever since.

I just can't believe I've been a fan for 20 YEARS! That's almost all my life and I dont regret any of it! :umok:

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