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Taylor Swift calls out the US Census for excluding transgender and nonbinary people

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7 hours ago, deadcrocodiletears said:

you deserve to be kicked off of the website. I'm sorry I cannot get over this, in 2020 this isn't a 'view' or difference of politics. you're denying the separation between *** and gender which is completely dangerous. There are trans people on this website, it's not just a ton of gay or straight cis gender people.

And NO, this is not an oversensitive gen Z lecture, you genuinely need to get with the times. Trans people have been around FOREVER. Beyonce has TRANS FANS and has worked with trans people I am sure.

I'm sure even you have passed some trans people whom you didn't even notice because they are that passing. 

Black queer and trans women were a huge part of the LGBTQ movement, half of the things you use like 'sis' originates from black trans and queer women. You are doing them a disservice. You are doing everyone who is trans here a disservice. You are making this an unsafe place for trans people and trans allies which make up a TON of people here. 

Please educate yourself next time. This will not be tolerated on this website, nor will any form of indecency targeting marginalized groups. 

i DO NOT want to be in an environment that does not tolerate non-white people, black people in general, and trans or gender fluid people. This is NOT what I signed up for. @Jordan Miller


10 hours ago, Urbanney said:

Just because the world is struggling right now doesn't mean that it's okay to exclude or diminish people. With all of the societal upheaval and focus on purging injustices in society right now, I'm surprised you wouldn't understand that. I'm disappointed to see this comment. 


9 hours ago, Roxxy said:


I am sooo disappointed to see this comment. I didn't know you are capable of much more than racist Asian remarks.


7 hours ago, deadcrocodiletears said:

 DISGUSTING. how dare you say this? Trans people are very ******* important and an integral part of the LGBTQ movement. They deserve the same rights and humanity as anyone else. 

You missed the whole point of the discussion. We are talking about a census, a demographic study and trans people can change the gender marker on birth certificates, drivers licenses, etc so i don't see the need to ad more options than male or female on that study. Can we try to read twice and understand a message before jumping on a conclusion?

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@deadcrocodiletears, @Britneyarmy8, have you seen this:


Apparently, LGBTDropTheT is a thing now. And it's not just some small interest group - 20k members is a lot. :idkney: I agree with some of their points (for example, not wanting to date a trans person isn't transphobic), but throwing trans people under the bus in an attempt to gain acceptance is not it. :nyschool:

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I don't really see the issue, though - just select the gender you identify with (let me know if I misunderstood what she was talking about). :idkney: As for everything in-between... I mean, an 'other' option would be nice, but you can't really expect the whole world to bend over backwards for the whims of a tiny 0,1% of the population. Like, I just can't take the whole non-binary thing seriously. I would definitely use a non-binary person's preferred pronouns because I'm not a POS, but that doesn't mean I don't have my opinions. I just think it's kind of ridiculous. Like, just because you fail to be perfectly masculine or perfectly feminine, doesn't mean you've invented a new gender. Is that transphobic to say? I don't think so, but call it what you want. :nyschool: What I can say, though, is that non-binary genders can be a good stepping stone for young people to figure out if they're really trans or not before committing to hormones and surgery, both of which are life-altering. So that's a silver lining, I guess. :typing: As for FTM / MTF transgender people, I stand in solidarity. :bigkiss:

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I love how much she has grown and still is. If you watched Miss Americana you would know her former label and team pushed her to be this "sweet, naïve, Christian" girl that wants to be loved by everyone but she has decided to ditch that in the Lover era.

I have mad respect for people that personally grow this much and decide their voice should be heard.

It's the growth I wish Britney will someday achieve. For her to step up against her team and say whatever she wants to whenever she feels to.

Go TayTay!

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I'm sorry but honestly I can't take non-binary people seriously :slowdown: it screams first-world-seeking-unnecessary-problems & some of them are getting on my nerves (I remember a 'girl?' being mad at me because I presumed that she was a girl :quirkney: she wanted me to stop using 'she' and 'he' and invented a ******* new pronoun)

people identifies your gender by your ***, and that's it. it's illogical to separate your gender from your *** but at the same time identifying as one gender even though you're against gender-stereotypes :jl: why make it complicated? if you want to wear a pink shirt, wear it, but let's not get into 'I'm in my female phase' that's ridiculous and unnecessary to give etiquettes to every little thing

that'd be like putting blue contact-lenses and force your whole entourage to say that you're blue-eyed today, not green-eyed :slowdown:

btw why are lesbians & gays not the same letter? like HBT+ 

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There should definitely be a third option like "none" or "other", but wouldn't most binary trans people be perfectly comfortable with just choosing the *** they transitioned to? I'd assume in real life it's an extremely small group of people who feel that passionately about identifying as a transgender man/woman, imo, separating them would be discrimination.

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