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Mental health check-in: COVID, unemployment, cancellations

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I wanted to make a thread to see how everyone is doing. We’re all dealing with so much, and I want to see how everyone is holding up around the world, and what you’re doing for your mental health during this trying time?

We may get into debates about our favorite artists on here, but in the end, we’re all in this together. And with numbers for COVID cases skyrocketing each day, it’s time that we all start checking in and seeing how we can help support each other (even the ones you’ve had differences with in the past @OnlyBeyonce and @MyahMarie)

So, how are YOU doing during this pandemic? 



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Oh wow im the first comment, yay I guess lol

Its been hard for me to adjust but its still hard for me to fully accept this new way of life.

I miss how things used to be.

I miss going to the movies, going to the mall, hanging out with a friend and going to school.

I just miss social interaction in general and im sure everyone else can relate to that

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I have been doing home office since March 13th. At the beginning it was really hard because i live in a very small studio but with time i learnt to appreciate the good things: i am much more productive, i dont need to dress smart every day, no need to put make up on, i have more time to cook and have better nutrition. but having very little social interaction + the weather in germany made it very difficult.

Now we take turns to go to the office, the weather is much better, can meet with friends and go outside to enjoy the sun.

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I'm sad :(

I watched for the record and honestly it made me realise how much worse Britney has had it for her entire life. I may be complaining but now I know what it feels like to be trapped and hopeless, but my heart breaks for my superstar idol who's had to go through this her entire life.

It's getting to the point where I can't really listen to Britney much anymore because I get reminded about her situation too, and then mine and it all gets worse. How do you guys feel optimistic about Britney as well? I don't want to feel too much for her but I can't help it, and I want to believe she is going to be O.K.

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I live in the Los Angeles area and COVID is still affecting our area hard. I've been fortunate enough to work from home since early March, and I've been really strict with the quarantine. I literally only go to the grocery store and run other essential errands as quickly as I can. Otherwise I walk around my neighborhood, read, work, and watch TV lol I'm starting to feel the fatigue, which is wearing on my mental health. Also, there's the possibility that I'll lose my job (and therefore my healthcare) in the coming weeks, when the extended unemployment benefits will be over and healthcare isn't guaranteed... so I'm kind of freaking out tbh :kidcries:

I've struggled with anxiety/depression for years and it comes and goes in waves. Recently it's just always here :yasqueen:

I'm doing the best one can. Thanks for making this topic/space. I'm curious how other Exhalers are too! :crying1:

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I ain't gonna lie, this year has been super exhausting so far, for obvious reasons. To add up to all this, my country (Serbia) started to get ruled by an oppressive dictator and we had very violent demonstrations that I took part in. The amount of tear gas I inhaled is no joke :orangu: That **** is like someone pouring acid all over your eyes and face :gloria:  We didn't bring him down, but he certainly got piss scared and he's our little bittch now :queenflopga: so job somewhat done.

Anyway, I tend to be a very positive and strong-minded individual, and that sometimes has its price, so last Thursday I felt mentally exhausted :mhm: Things have been looking up though, the weather is great (31 Celsius), I can finally go out with my friends to a cafe or just sunbathe in a park, so it feels really good. For all of you who feel sad, alone, scared etc. please try to remember that the world is not a dark place, it's what media and the overall general fear portrays it to be. Everyone is frightened and the media is bombing us with only negative news, feeding us with fear. 

But remember, the world is not a dark place, birds are still flying, nature is blooming, bees are doing their job. Remember to walk out of your mind every once in a while and remind yourself of what a wonderful world we're living in :hugs: This, too, shall pass. Everything passes. Be strong :) 

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This is a GREAT topic.. thanks @OnlyFacts

On my side work is okay at least untill now, i keep working remotely. Probably the hardest has been moving back with my parents to take care of them. I left this house in 2006 when I was 18, and to be back as a grown up openely gay man is kind of complicated (considering my parents are very religious).

They literally pray for God forgiveness in their room while Im watching Drag Race in the main tv at the living room :blol:.
Asides from that haha well.. lack of dating, hook up´s and basically casual *** has been also challenging tbh :cheese:

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So I’m in Scotland, and I am coping pretty well with the whole thing.

Scotland, as a whole, is seeing good results from the guidelines and safety measures that have been put in place here, very little new cases and deaths now - but that’s due to us listening to the Scottish government and doing what we are told.

My sister, who is a nurse and works in the hospital, had COVID, but it was a mild case and she is healthy and well now.

I’ve enjoyed having the extra time to do odd jobs around my house and redecorate etc. I am a budding writer and have nearly completed the first draft of my first novel, so that’s exciting and something good to come out of this whole thing for me.

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