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What are your overall thoughts on Justin Timberlake?

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Honestly?  He’s some what overrated... he hasn’t put out anything consistent since the mid-00’s.

He’s not an outstanding vocalist, musician or actor. He’s just “okay“ and had the luck to be (then) good looking and have dated the world’s biggest star, whom he dragged to the mud and back for clout.

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I'm putting all Britney stuff aside, therefore he's a jerk. He comes off as a guy who thinks his $h!t don't stink. He thinks he's entitled to do anything he wants. No wonder Jessica Biel has him on a

Who is Justin Timberlake ? Answer, one more person who became famous thanks to Britney.   

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On 6/18/2020 at 8:53 PM, Mgmgmgmg said:


I recently listened to the podcast Eat, Pray, Britney episode titled "*********" that exposes all the shady things JT has done over the course of his career-- Much of it trashing Britney any chance he gets and being a general narcissistic phony. There's no denying he has had some big hits and has had a significant cultural impact but is highly problematic.


Did you know that Shriner Children's Hospital cut ties with him after a golfing event because he *allegedly* did not seem interested in interacting with the hospital/patients when the cameras weren't on him?

"Justin's a wonderful person," tournament chairman Raoul Frevel told the Las Vegas Review Journal. Frevel coordinated the pop/movie star's involvement with the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas and his corresponding concerts, aimed at raising money for the group's well-regarded hospitals.Frevel says the Shriners tried to get the former N'Sync star to become more involved with the hospitals and the patients they serve. "But it seemed that when the TV cameras weren't on, he disappeared."


What are your thoughts? Are you willing to put the past in the past? Or is he still the same unchanged snake?

I met him and he’s a complete *******. I was at his private party and he had me removed bc i took a picture of him lol i was 16 years old 

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He definetly helped media hurt and make a wrong impression about Britney.

I mean, when they broke up he talked so much about her, making the worst impression.

And then Janet Jackson, to say at least.

Now I can finally see him with mature eyes and realize how machist and misoginist he is. I can´t stand anymore his speech, his attitudes. 

Bottom line: I will never forgive how he end things up with Britney. That probably destroyed her. 

Britney can excuse him, I will never


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*NSYNC, JUSTIFIED, and FUTURE/***/LOVE SOUNDS will forever be near and dear to my heart.

I do not appreciate how he made that *****y comment on Britney’s IG when she was dancing to Filthy (LOVE that song). She even complimented him. 

As a small town Southerner - Justin is DEFINITELY NOT “a man of the woods”. He had tried to be ghetto in Memphis when he was growing up. I can’t believe he would even attempt to take his image there. 

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 I know Im late but, even as a child being fan of Britney, I never liked him, now I understand as an adult he was abuser/narc vibes. You dont do what he did during/post break out, and he never seem to grow out of that immature phase of his cause he never switched up like 'i shouldnt have said this'. Cry me  A river was a low blow (especially Britney lookalike I couldnt believe my eyes as a kid). hes an example of a man tearing women DOWN and geting a free pass just because hes white male.


On the other hand, musically hes one trick pony. He depends on Timbaland, Timbaland is success and a genius without Timberlake, Timberlake without Timbaland is below average who doesnt offer anything remotely interesting or unique to pop.


He;s not the best dancer either.


Only highlight of his career was Trolls and thats exactly because thats who he is, a TROLL.

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He exploited Britney Spears to boost his own fame after their break up. If it had not been for her, JT would have ended up like the rest of *NSYNC. I think it was cruel that he had to malign her in order to control the narrative. The whole Super Bowl fiasco was also problematic. He just distanced himself from the situation, while Janet Jackson suffered immense backlash. 

I do believe that JT has a manipulative streak and possesses some narcissistic personality traits.

It is quite clear that he has cheated on Jessica Biel multiple times. She is just too codependent to move on from him:


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Honestly I think he’s the epitome of white male privilege within the music industry. Over the years he’s threw two women under the bus and built a career out of it. 

The way Justin treated Britney was wrong regardless of what happened. If you love and care for someone you don’t write all these songs about them and go through the media to slate them off. Justin was doing that up until very recently to which now he’s decided he’s above it all and he doesn’t care anymore.

The Janet thing could have ended her career and in many ways it sort of did. Justin’s career is still thriving and despite a huge break he came back with new music and radio still play him. Had that been a woman, he wouldn’t have the career he does. 

On the other side I do believe he’s talented. His songs from the Justified era were good. He was also hot as hell at one point. 

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  • garbage human being
  • nasaly, annoying voice
  • loves himself more than his wife
  • good performer 
  • mostly good music
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Back in the day, I was disappointed when hearing that Britney dated him. I thought he was not handsome with his noodles hair. 
then knowing what he had done to her and other female artists, I canceled him. 😃

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