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What are your overall thoughts on Justin Timberlake?

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Also putting the Britney stuff aside-


I think he is really talented and after FutureLove/SexSounds he was in such a prime position to be the main pop guy.   I feel like he took a little long till he put out the 20/20 Experience but luckily that was pretty much a serve too.  Man of the Woods was god awful.


I feel like he COULD HAVE  been this generation's Michael Jackson-great pop music and performer....but I feel like he took too much time out to pursue a mediocre movie career and too long in between albums.  Nothing consistent enough.  He could've been a legend but he won't pick a lane to stay in.

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Who is Justin Timberlake ? Answer, one more person who became famous thanks to Britney.   

Honestly ,he STILL needs to apologize to Janet too.   

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Personally, he's misogynistic for how he treated Britney and Janet. He dragged Britney for years in the media. Like, get over it - you were young sweethearts who broke up. He didn't have to try to turn the whole world against her, but he did. Then he left Janet hanging (no pun) which wasn't cool either.

Musically, his first album was half good and half bad. The second album was awesome. And the rest of his music sucks. Including that Trolls song, what a lame song. I liked him when he was dancing but he doesn't even dance anymore. His live performances, including the Super Bowl performance from a few years ago, are snooze fests.

Also he didn't age well. I know Britney doesn't look her best all the time but neither does he. He used to be pretty hot and now he just looks like a *********. So creepy.

I still think he's gay. 

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I used to be so in love with him :crying3_britney_sobbing_tears_sad: during my first years as a stan I was a fan of both Britney and Justin. I own a Justin collection and I even read his biography. He seemed like a really good guy at the beggining. Then I grew up and I understood he was an ******* to Brit the whole time. He used her for publicity, then destroyed her public image in a very cold-minded way. It affected Brit big time because it wasn't just her first major break up but it was an attempt to make her look bad in front of the whole world :icant2_britney_nope_smh_head_shake_disappointed_everytime: Now he annoys me so much, the way he tries to make us think he's a good guy is repulsive:umwtf_britney_wth_um_wow_eyes_big_okay: and yes he's very talented but he thinks he's a genius or something like chill the last good album you released is like 13 years old tbh :ririshade2_rihanna_eyeroll_roll_eyes_annoyed_irritated_mad:

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These are always such fun conversations! 

Here’s my thing. Justin Timberlake is undeniably talented. You can’t ignore that or deny it. He’s funny, charming and personable ... which have led to some decent acting roles and comedy work. He’s got a great voice, and a talent for slick production. He’s a great dancer ....... BUT... FOR ME he’s just your typical celeb.

I expect NOTHING from Justin Timberlake in terms of his humanity. I see a bit of a smug nature to him. I’ll let his teenage behavior towards Britney slide, Because let’s face it, any of us at that age who got cheated on, and in front of the public no less, would behave exactly the same way. What I won’t make an excuse for is his lack of humanity towards Janet Jackson. It was such a weasel move letting her fry in the public eye. For me the whole situation was yet another instant where we favor the good ‘ol white boys will be white boys mentality, and it’s garbage. Janet deserved better. 

Justin has also left his own wife hanging in the public forum when the press have come for her. I guess for me I just don’t see much of a spine, or a man in Justin Timberlake. He’s just the cute, talented white boy whose music I got Wasted and danced on a bar to in my 20’s. Based on his dwindling record sales I’m guessing some of the world shares my opinion. 

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I know people say Justin was hurt and young yada yada, but the thing is... Even after he got the success he wanted and after he threw Britney under the bus many times, why did he need to keep dragging her over the years? Since their break up he acted like he has a split personality when it comes to her. In the past on the same interviews hed say he never cheated, she knew why they broke up, implied a lot that she cheated on him and then would say she was a great person and had a huge heart. He even tried to come at her zodiac sign a couple of times, saying she was a fire sign and did things on a whim lol many years after the break up hed sing saying ***** during CMAR and then on some interviews hed deffend her dancing. Theres an interview where hes talking about being a geek and out of nowhere he says people didnt see him that way bc he kissed Britney when he was 17 years old :parisok_hilton_chewing_gum_pink_phone_Reading:

Imo ofc he used the CMAR video to boost his sales (it was Francis Lawrences idea, but he went for it and they never mentioned her name on the set, how ******* awkward is that?) but he also wanted to get back at her, to hurt her, to **** shame her. The girl who wrote Everytime with Britney even said she was mortified bc he was getting too personal. 

Alyssa Milano and JC Chasez said Britney broke his heart and some people said she did cheat on him, but the funny thing is he still got back together with her a few times (Britney, Lance, JC and Fred Durst talked about that). After their official split, they never made it official again, but even Johnny Wright said she fired him in 2003 after their split. So I think maybe they tried a few times but Justin couldnt forgive her? she fired Johnny bc she was over Justin and didnt want anything to do with him anymore? The interesting thing is it seems she had smt with him until early 2003, that was after the cmar video, after the radio interview when he said he went down on her, after many times he implied she cheated on him on different interviews. She even went to his bday in early 2003. I wonder if she felt guilty for whatever she did and hooked up with him when he was after her?

Here we can see he seems happy and okay with the Osbournes talking about them, he even looks at Britneys direction a couple of times and she doesnt look a single time at his way lol 

Some years after their breakup he said he felt ignored by her, that she had some opportunities to be there for him and she didnt. I wonder if that was before the whole CMAR and radio mess. 

One thing is interesting... Britney had no problem saying he did CMAR to sell albums and she called his album *****fied, mocked bc he was complaining what she did to him in 2003/2004, yet she never denied she cheated on the Diane Sawyer interview, she never said he cheated while he was saying he never cheated on her, so it makes me wonder if she never knew for sure he did smt. I dont think he was a saint but I dont think Britney would watch her image getting destroyed by him, people hating her so much bc of it If she didnt do anything or If she knew he did. 

I dont think Britney dealt with the thing the way she should, she probably just tried to move on with her life and forget about him (I believe she partied, drank, worked to forget him but she should have made therapy... Imo what happened in 2002 also had its part in 2007)  Justin on the other hand became obsessed, pressed and bitter towards her. I do think he loved her, got hurt and bc hes a narcissist with an huge ego he didnt accept whatever happened between them. When they were still together, he said she was a headstrong, that when they had a fight, he always talked to her bc he didnt want them to be that way. Britney said she was stubborn. Theres also that song Never Again that he implies she never apologized and Everytime seems to be an answer to this song, not to CMAR. 

I really think he reacted the worst way ever, he was really immature, sexist and vengeful. 

It seems like he only quite stopped after his kid was born. Btw its funny that he got away with so much **** and people only started dragging him after that Buzzfeed article calling him out for talking about CMAR/being hurt for the thousandth time +10 years after they broke up. 

Last time Britney shaded him was in 2004, she only talked about him in the past few years as a musician, she seems really mature about liking his music and getting over whatever drama they had in the past. 

I dont think its healthy to hold onto much anger so many years after smt happened and Justin needed to learn that from her. Being a pressed angry bitter douchebag for many years isnt a good look. 



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Oh someone revived this thread? Good :evilpatrick_spongebob_mad_meme:

Idk if I answered to this once, but if I did here I come again.

JT is an unecessary artist. He pass because he's a white dude that used to be hot during his prime. I honestly cant see what his impact in pop culture was, there's nothing memorable about him. A bunch of male artists that came after him managed to build a more apealing visual identity than he ever could, and he also just couldnt get even close to his predecessors like MJ and Prince. Plus, he remained popular circa 2005-2013 because of Timbaland, once Timbaland lost his touch Justin fell off big time as seen with "Man of The Woods" (the Trollz song doesnt count, it was made by Max Martin so whoever sang that it would've become a success anyway plus the new one for Trollz 2 which was produced by Justin himself floped hard).

That doesnt mean he's not talented though. 20/20 Experience was hella good and I listened to it back and forth so many times. :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

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Very talented but I question his taste and self awareness. His first two albums were great and the third was a welcome return albeit it’s obvious inconsistencies. The last album though plus his interviewing style was quite revealing. His growth seems too manufactured and nothing quite hits a sincere note. Like I can’t feel what growth lyrically and sonically where he’s genuine. Plus, his timbaland relation is but sour for me. Not much variety and the Prince diss song feels childish. 

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QUESTION:  In the Christina sharing the woman empowerment post, I mentioned how she used to bad mouth the performance and Britney but people were quick to say that she's grown up and has been nice in recent years.  Why isn't that held up with Justin?


In recent years he has been nice and supportive.  He said he'd collab with her and even commented on her Insta post when Brit mentioned their break up.  Why are people not as forgiving of him?


Just  an inquiry! :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:


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7 hours ago, allthat88 said:

QUESTION:  In the Christina sharing the woman empowerment post, I mentioned how she used to bad mouth the performance and Britney but people were quick to say that she's grown up and has been nice in recent years.  Why isn't that held up with Justin?


In recent years he has been nice and supportive.  He said he'd collab with her and even commented on her Insta post when Brit mentioned their break up.  Why are people not as forgiving of him?


Just  an inquiry! :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:


Maybe bc Christina shaded Britney in 2003 and 2004, then moved on with her life? 

Justin on the other hand dragged, shaded, **** shamed Britney for over 10 years in different occasions. And Christina seemed to be jealous and bitter, but Justin seemed pressed, bitter, angry and vengeful... Sometimes it even seemed he hated her. I mean until 2014 or so he was still saying ***** when he was singing CMAR. 

Id say that after his kid was born, he chilled a lil bit, yet he still talked for the thousandth time how she broke his heart and then got dragged in that Buzzfeed article. Since then I think his last shade was talking about Vegas residency saying it feels like retirement. If only he knew hed flop right after saying that lol 

Anyway, he seems less hateful now, maybe its bc of that Buzzfeed article that went viral but who knows? I remember that around his superbowl performance, people were also dragging him a lot mainly bc of what he did to Janet. 

Btw before "Britney's" post about him, he liked a pic of Britney that Zoe Kravitz posted earlier this year. Maybe he finally let his anger towards her go lol 

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He is the prototype boy band to solo artist for white artists. He was the only one from early 2000s who did it successfully.

Yes, Britney was a huge part of his hype but he actually is a legit artist when he wants to be. 

All his albums are Justified, Future *** love sounds & 20/20 experience are amazing. Man of the Woods is the only boring one, sorry. 

I wish he did a more pop, futuristic production show for his Superbowl halftime show. He's a great performer live but for pop standards, I can see why people would say it was boring.

He slayed the music scene in 2006-2007 when it was almost completely hip hop and rock dominated for males.

Check out his amazing lesser known songs:

Oh no what you got

Summer love

Don't hold the wall


I think he should do one last album, all pop with his r&b vibes. Produced by Max Martin and Dr Luke. Not sure if Timbaland and Pharrell have anything left in them that's as amazing as what they gave to jt on his first 3 albums 

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