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6ix9ine repeatedly says the N-word in front of Nicki Minaj

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During 6ix9ine's Instagram live stream chat with Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine referred to himself using the N-word. 

Nicki tried to alert him that that's not going to fly, but she didn't outright say anything. Instead, she implies that he's spinning out of control. 

6ix9ine's mother is from Mexico and his father is from Puerto Rico. 

He's out here flinging the N-word around amidst a civil rights movement. SMH.





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Mexicans are black too, he's from new York, specifically the Bronx , every person uses the N word including the white people here, this is probably new to you outside surberban gays, people talk like this in the Bronx and black people are fine with it. It's just different in New York, the hood of new York not time Square or the busy streets like 34th st, I'm talking about the hood way uptown. But I understand where you are coming from :cigney: 

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12 minutes ago, MeNowAlways said:

Couldn’t agree more. If you have millions of views on YouTube you have to sober up and realise lots of black people from OUTSIDE of north Bronx are not going to be cool with a guy who is NOT African American using the n word. Period. Finished. Season finale. Thanks bishes. 

Puerto Ricans/Mexicans are black, he is black! :hillary:

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47 minutes ago, MeNowAlways said:

Nicki hasn’t had a hit in years. She will basically do anything for a hit at this point. Gurls gotta eat. 

Nicki’s made more millions in her worst year than Cardi B in her prime with three number ones, a Grammy, giving ******s to DJ’s to play her ABC raps and so on. So yeah, she’s eating the whole female rap on the breakfast. Combined. 

The fact that you talk about hits on a Britney forum is total dumb. Get it? :ehum:

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My thoughts on this? I don’t have any. I thought white people are allowed to use the N word with a black people IF only that black person agrees with it. I’ve heard rumors about Ariana using the N word and some of her friends being ok with it. If this makes sense. At all. :awks:

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