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Unpopular Britney Opinions

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1. Jamie Lynn has a real chance of becoming an icon. She just needs the right song.  2. Lou is underrated. She’s done wonders to Britney’s career and personal wellbeing. She’s an icon in general, as

- Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know is my favorite Britney song.

I might start a 3rd world war here, but: - I hate the original and the official videos for Make Me, they are awful, 100% trash - The VMA of 2016 is the worst VMA from her, random moves, arm

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17 hours ago, Roxxy said:

Those who downvote people in this thread clearly did not understand the assignment. :imacat:

I think that you don´t understand the point of the votes - nobody says your opinion is wrong, it is stating that I disagree with it by clicking the downvote. If I agree I click thumbs up, If I love your opinion I click heart, If your opinion made ma laugh I click...


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Hard to Forget Ya is pop smash lead single material. :janet:

Sam Asghari is treated very harshly by fans on here. None of you know him enough to hate him, STFU! :chrissy:

I don't think it's a problem that she's used heavy autotune in the past. I see it as an artistic manouevre, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. :)

I wouldn't have minded a whole album stemming from the Pretty Girls-esque sound. I actually think that song sounds better now than it did in 2015. :tbh:

I LOVE Paparazzi by Lady Gaga but I really wish that song was Britney's. :crying1:



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- She has some songs that are good except for the chorus and for me personally that's a huge deal (Trouble For Me, Tik Tik Boom...)

- We are such a flop fandom

- TTWE remix deserved a MV

- The MV of BTI is so cool, 10/10, idk why you hate it

- Pretty Girls it's funny and not that bad

- Glory is kind of overrated, but I understand why more or less

- I like all songs of Blackout except for "Ooh Ooh Baby" and "Gimme More (XL Remix)"

- I don't like Kesha's part on the TTWE remix, her vocals sound so childish

- Jive was good in terms of promotion

- Britney should sing more on award shows, SHE NEEDS to show that she can sing

- I don't like most of the Britney album and BOMT is weird idk how it sold so much

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-Blackout is overrated. :angietea:

The album is good, but IMO it's overrated. 

And on that note, 

-I don't know why fans want a Blackout 2.0. There will never be another one. Blackout is iconic because of the circumstances back in 2007. She's in a better place now, she can't recreate it. I think that's good, let it go. 


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- Toxic and BOMT are super overrated and I especially don't get why the latter is so popular

- Blackout is one of my favourite albums but I prefer how most of the songs sounded in the Circus tour e.g. Get Naked and Radar

- On that note Circus is my fave tour of hers because I prefer the music but also really enjoy the choreo. You could tell when she was feeling it and in some ways it meant more that she could enjoy it after everything that happened than when she was still being the perfect popstar pre-2004-2008.

- POM Breathe on Me choreo >>> ITZ Breathe on Me choreo

- ABC In the Zone special is overrated I said what I said

- I honestly think Britney was trying during Femme Fatale era, she just wasn't up to it. That said I think her dancing then was better than in POM.

- I hate the 1999 Rolling Stone cover/photo shoot with all of my heart. The original Make Me video also sucked and I prefer the other one (though it is also bad).


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Gimme More music video is AMAZING. Her moves are on point, that pole is iconic, she looks great, and that whole dark and **** vibe fits the song (and entire album) perfectly. :gimmemoar: :feelingit:

Circus is an amazing album! It's in the "best Britney's albums" category alongside with: In The Zone, Blackout and Glory :martini: :kfed: pop perfection :livinggg:

Just Luv Me is a masterpiece! It's one of the best songs from Glory :mcry:

and an extra one:

Britney should issue an apology for blatantly lying that "she always sings live" :badthoughts: (+ she should finally address her extremely excessive use of playback :jl:) cause that was too much, even for Brit... :gagacrash:

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Jamie (her dad) genuinely cares about Britney 

The conservatorship has helped Britney tremendously and should stay in place for her well being 

Baby One More Time is a little overrated as a song

Gasoline and Criminal are underrated as songs  

3 should have been a part of Femme Fatale 

Let Go is one of her best unreleased songs 

Britney’s underrated as a songwriter 

Don’t let me be the last to know is my least favorite song 








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  • I Will Be There should have been a single - one of her best vocals
  • Glory was a creative peak for her. She took her time with the album, enjoyed the process, and I think we just need to be patient and the next album will come (time.. love... joy.... space) :jl:
  • I am concerned about Britney maintaining her legendary status as she gets older, if she doesn't sing live. Will she be dancing into her 50s, 60s, 70s, lipping to the same album tracks from 1999? :crying2:
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- Femme Fatale is her second worst album, although apart from the first two singles How I Roll is the best song on the album

- Love me down is the worst song on Glory

- In the Zone is her best album

- Toxic (although the straights love it) isn’t even in my top 20 all time fave Britney songs

- Sometimes is in my top 5 all time fave Britney songs

- Apart from the singles, these are the best non singles from the albums:

1. Thinking about you

2. One Kiss from you 

3. That’s where you take me

4. Don’t hang up

5. Get Naked

6. Trouble (does it count?)  otherwise Shattered Glay-a$ $

7. How I roll

8. Passenger

9. Better

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Idk why I entered this thread 'cause most of the opinions are triggering me


Anyway, as far as really unpopular goes, Brave New Girl is one of the only songs I actually use from In The Zone. In my French vanilla fantasy it's the predecessor of the k-pop industry as we know it today

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