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Done with Ru (All Stars)

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Okay but how can a boy watch and, you know, not give Ru money? I thought we were going to be done with Ru for saying nothing about BLM and for actively killing the Earth and for not wanting trans

Why should Rupaul say something about BLM? We don't tell a black person how he should feel or act about that... Also, I find funny when today's gays like to dismiss him without even reading or underst

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He should’ve done a britney performance. I mean I love derrick but those impressions  were awful ! I don’t know why he wants to dissociate with Britney that much on drag race and why the judges want that also. He’s a Britney Impersonator, of course he’s always gonna look like Britney. He doesn’t need to change anything. Just let him do what he does best. It’s a shame he was the first eliminated cause honestly, he makes  good tv!

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I believe they can't just lip sync to a famous song, only if it is their own recording. The talent show , in my opinion, is to really show more than just what people expect from a drag queen, which in most cases a lip sync performance of famous songs.


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All 3 were pretty bad.  But no one was gonna send ongina home first lol drag race would have been cancelled 😂.  Unfortunantly it's too late for Derrick to be looked at as anything else other than a Britney Spears impersonator.  Even with other wigs or different make up people would still think Britney.  

But he has Nebraska now, that's his other drag persona without being seen as britney lol

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On 6/6/2020 at 1:33 PM, VCTR said:

Okay but how can a boy watch and, you know, not give Ru money?

I thought we were going to be done with Ru for saying nothing about BLM and for actively killing the Earth and for not wanting trans queens on the show and stuff. :watrusayin:

I was actually talking  to someone the other day about how much emphasis the world places on Ru. I mean, werk and everything but I feel like people who are really big fans of drag never think Ru as their actual favorite. The only people who say Ru is their number one are the people only really know Rupaul and basically no other drag queens or give her special mention for helping drag break through to the mainstream. 


Also, going to put THIS back into the world: Jordan should do an AMA with Derrick Barry and put Jordan in drag during it.

Oh okay, so now we are going to cancel the pioneer of drag:watrusayin: whos next? Britney. Lets just cancel Britney for allowing Britney Jean to happen:queenflopga:

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Young Billie Run Pop :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

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From a TV show standpoint, I don’t know why they eliminated the most entertaining Queen first. Derrick was only there for one episode and she served so much drama and iconic moments. at least wait till a sewing challenge to eliminate her.
Mayhem should’ve been eliminated.


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Ok, I just watched it and I'm both mad at Ru and Derrick. Gurl, why didn't you do a Britney number, those impersonations were not good enough, you don't have any friends or what :xcuseme: 

Also I don't get her getting dragged for doing Britney, that's her drag, that's who Derrick is and that's what he has been doing since I don't know when. Is she supposed to come out as a bug like Dela did :hideous: but then I think about Chad and him being not Cher all the time so... okay gurl just switch it up like you did on your season, just more polished. :hillary:

ffs she better be brought back, I have a feeling Ru won't make a comeback episode and i'll be super mad :nyschool:  I need Derrick and his messiness not Ongina or India redemption stories.

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I wanted to make a thread about this after watching the season premiere last week but I got lazy. :deadbanana:

But can I just say how fine Ricky Martin looked in this episode? Like omg he looked sooo fiiine that I felt compelled to pick up my phone, search for him on Instagram, and follow him. It was that serious for me. :tiffdrink:

And yeah, Derrick should've stayed and Mayhem shoulda gone home. Like, how many times is she gonna flop on Drag Race? Atleast Derrick made top 5 on his season, so he definitely deserved his All Stars 5 slot, and Ongina is a Drag Race legend, period. :ohwut:

Both of them are not as cocky as Mayhem. I don't not like Mayhem but she always talks like she's got game and she's that bich kinda like Brita (except Mayhem is likeable and is not mean) but she has not proven anything other than that first maxi challenge win on S10 and she placed 10th. I don't like people who talk like they're this and that but don't have the numbers to back it up. :mattafact:

Mayhem's only popular to Drag Race fans cause she's from the newer seasons. Like, I believe she is talented. We can all see it. She is talented and funny. But as far as the game is concerned, she's like in India and Mariah territory. She's a filler bich. Like Ru, how many times are you gonna give Mayhem a chance like this girl is not rising to the occasion. She's not even a wild card cause we already know what she is capable of like she is talented af but she just always flops her execution. Like girl, get it together. :imacat:


Team Shea. Team Cracker. :barbie:


🦄 💛🧡💜

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