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What are Britney's three worst music videos ever?

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From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - I've been watching all her music videos, really couldn't be bothered to go back to this one. It's a dud, not visually appealling in any way


Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know - Don't get me wrong, she looks gorgeous in this, but it's just not very....interesting.


Radar - This video could have been so much better, so much potential. We got some cute looks, but it just didn't fit the track. I wanted something darker and edgier. It didn't elevate the track in any way.

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Let's put fire in this thread! There are too many bad videos that is very hard to peek only 3. I bring you this list with all of her videos with a brief comment of my opinion and a grade for each one. If you don't like it, you can spit inside a letter and send it to my address.

...Baby One More Time" 10/10 Epic

Sometimes"       10/10    I love the choreography

(You Drive Me) Crazy"   10/10

Born to Make You Happy" 8/10

From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” 2/10 Too boring

Oops!... I Did It Again 10/10 Iconic

Lucky" 10/10 Great message

Stronger" 10/10 Epic

Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know 10/10 This was the first vídeo I’ve ever watched from her, that’s why I like it so much, though is really boring

I'm a Slave 4 U 11/10 Perfect

Overprotected 9/10

I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman 5/10 Discovery Channelney

Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix versions) 11/10

I Love Rock 'n' Roll 0,9/10 Nothing happened there

Boys 9/10 The choreography scene was too much edited

Me Against the Music 20/10 She got in the zone and devastated it.

Toxic 6/10 Epic indeed, but where was the choreography at? And she was touched by all the lasers in the hallway, too lame edition.

Everytime 6/10 If the team didn’t censored the suicide theme it could be more relevant

Outrageous 10/10 If we had it fully

My Prerogative 3/10 Because the only good thing in the video is her curly hair

Do Somethin 10/10 Because she was the director

Someday (I Will Understand) 9/10 Beautiful, it's the only B&W.

Gimme More 1/10 Nothing happened there

Piece of Me 10/10

Break the Ice -/- Not a real video

Womanizer 20/10 Perfect.

Circus 10/10

If U Seek Amy 20/10 The message is incredible

Radar -3/10 Hated it, we could've had Unusual U, Mannequin Quicksand instead.

Kill the Lights -/- Not a real video

3 10/10

Hold It Against Me 100/10 Awesome, despite the body double...

Till the World Ends 6/10 Body Double?!

I Wanna Go 3/10 Milk, nothing else to say

Criminal -10/10 The crime was not to release Inside Out as a single

Scream & Shout 6/10 Too much technology, too much poses...

Ooh La La 4/10 The boys weren’t in the mood to shoot it, but I love the song

Work ***** 1000/10

Perfume 0/10 Why did Team Britney censure the video for its violence? Body double again?!

Pretty Girls 10/10 I like aliens

Make Me... -100000/10 We don’t need to say anything

Slumber Party 10/10

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1. Make Me 

2. Perfume 

3. Ooh Lala 

the official version of Make Me was the biggest let down in Britney’s career for me. Seeing the leaked version which I was really excited for, and then getting that mess?! Just no. Perfume ended up just being beauty shots, super disappointing. And I don’t mind Ooh Lala (love the song it’s a bop) she’s looks cute,  but it’s just kinda forgettable and half of it is clips of Smurfs. I think it may have been more fun if Britney turned into a smurf or had some kind of adventure with them. 

I don’t get why ppl hate the pretty girls MV so much. It’s not one of my faves, but I think it’s really fun and I like the concept behind it and that there’s a little story line to it. I’ve watched it several times, but the ones I listed, not so much. 

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To me, her only really bad video is "3". THE EDITING IS AWFUL. A-W-F-U-L. It's spasmodic with no reason and doesn't go with the flow of the song, and it makes great shots go to waste. It pisses me off. I want to know who was in charge of editing it and directly tell them how bad it is. It ruined a flawless legacy. Like, fire that b itch. :nochillbrit:

And I hate to admit it but "Pretty Girls" is like a B movie, so bad you cannot stop watching it... :tiffanycries:

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From the bottom of my broken heart -  I think Ive watched this MV 5x’s since it came out. I remember this song and video coming out as a single and thinking WTF. Its boring but she was appealing to that “wholesome” teen girl look :ririshade2:

Perfume - I just don’t get the video...does she shoot the girl? Is she laying in bed with her dead boyfriend? Is he dead?  Does she fix her mascara and leave that trashy hotel? Bad video. :nochillbrit:

Make  Me... - The concept is lame and we have ALL discussed this. Then randomly comes in G- Eazy :gtfo:


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 It's so hard cause SHE IS the definition of music videos... and her catalogue OMG she did THAT. 

I have to say :  



Break The Ice (such a wasted opportunity)


Make Me (love love love the song and didn't like any of the videos whether its official or unofficial ) ,

Work *****,


Pretty Girls. 




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  • Twitter Team
12 hours ago, Alxatc said:

Aww I love From The Bottom of My Broken Heart. She looks so sweet and pretty and innocent 

Sorry :crying2: she does look cute in the video, I love the short brown hair on her! I guess plotwise, the video didn't do that much for me. But eh I guess you can't expect too much from a ballad. I think Everytime is the ballad that has the best video. 

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Gimme More by a landslide. I’m sorry but she was out of shape to be that naked let alone the wig extensions.


Piece of Me: I had very high expectations of this video where I though she will redeem her looks and get back to primary but she her team continued to make her clothes that do not complement her shape. Needless to say, wigs. 

DLMBTLTK. She looked so pretty in this one but maybe because I’m not a big fan of this song or sound from her so I associated my disliking of the song with the mv.




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