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Do You Prefer The “Circus” Era or the “Femme Fatale” Era?

“Circus” Era or “Femme Fatale” Era?   

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Britney looked like Britney in the Circus era so circusney.

Circus era >>>>>>> Also Criminal song is mega hit in Turkey  Almost everyone's phone ring was Criminal. 

Everything in the circus era is better. She moved more on fft but it wasn’t good moving lol

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10 minutes ago, TheySayImCrazy18 said:

The Poll Came To A Close Early This Morning, Sorry! 

You should keep it open since it's featured on the home page :awks:

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Circus all the way. I love that tour!

FF is when I started following britney again, after having been a fan as a kid in the early 2000s. Seeing her made me so sad and shocked over how much she had changed. She didn't look like she used to, didnt sound like she used to, and it was clear she was medicated through the roof. It still makes me sad to see her music videos and shows from that time, cause she was so out of it and should not have been in the spotlight in my opinion. 

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As far as tours go, Circus beats FF - Britney was looking flawless, energetic, and her costumes were FIRE for Circus. The stage in the round was so epic!!! Unforgettable. I remember seeing her live for Circus (twice) IN AWE but then for FF she looked like she was thinking the entire time and not living in the moment. Though it may have been because of new medication or other personal reasons, which is totally fine, her energy and dancing for FF tour were v tired compared to the rest of her tours + Vegas.

Circus album is definitely part of my Holy Trinity but so is FF (but I change my mind about it). I listen to Circus more!!! Circus was such a happy time because Britney the working ***** officially returned!

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43 minutes ago, TheySayImCrazy18 said:

I Created This 3 Days Ago 😂, Can I Re - Open The Poll Though? 
Edit:  I Re - Opened The Poll Until Tomorrow. 

you can keep it open indefinitely  

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Circus is my 3rd favorite album by Britney , it was a fantastic follow-up to blackout and probably the closest thing we'll ever get to blackout , I loved it and the era was amazing as well , the circus tour alone has been iconic af :awyeah: 

Femme fatale is a good album but the tour was not her best :icant2:

So Circus obviously ....

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The circus era was better, it’s associated with Womanizer ! I can’t remember femme fatale that well. HIAM really captivates me but I thought the hype was quick at the time... It was big for one second then disappeared. I probably would’ve preferred the album if it was more iconic and had personality. Circus to me has that Britney sound  :gagasmile:

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Circus for sure, people used to call that era a second peak and I can see why. So much happened in 2008 and the change from January to October (the beginning of the Circus era with Womanizer) was insane. People were actually there to celebrate her and not bash like it was in 2007. The era felt bigger than Femme Fatale as well.

The promotion for the album was good, with all medias saying that "she is back and looking better than ever", with Femme Fatale all people said was that she was off and sometimes bloated. 

As for the tour, TCSBS was better overall as well. She had a lot of bad costumes, with all changes that she did during the tour, but the overall image was better than Femme Fatale. She wasn't as energetic as people like to think, but when she was into it, you could clearly see it.

There is still the whole 2011 breakdown we don't know what actually happened, and how different she looked for the whole FF era. Even for the MVs I think she looks off for the whole FF era.

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For me its Circus. It's when I fell in love with her. Though I didn't get to see the tour regrettably :( But this era holds a special place for me. In fact, I love this era so much, I had the ringleader jacket made recently. :clap:

(sorry I don't know how to make the pic smaller haha)



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Circus hands down, even if I loved FF the album - and it was the first era I went through as a stan :janet:

But during the Circus era she still had that light in her eyes, that Primeney fire, that we haven't seen for a long time now. One of the last times I saw that was during this epic interview. She was spontaneous, humble, grateful and simply glowing. I hope we'll see something like that anytime soon.


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