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How were Lillth and Cheri like?

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They were probably the same person. They were annoying as **** but people here made a huge *** deal about them, while you could just ignore them and their posts. Once you don't feed the trolls, they just disappear. 

And I'm still convinced they're here under a new nickname of course 

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44 minutes ago, Alex_1991 said:

They were probably the same person. They were annoying as **** but people here made a huge *** deal about them, while you could just ignore them and their posts. Once you don't feed the trolls, they just disappear. 

And I'm still convinced they're here under a new nickname of course 

I have a feeling that the troll that came a few weeks ago and spammed every thread with rain on me explicit pics loll was some banned user from the past 

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5 hours ago, UnyewsualYew said:

As far as their critique of Britney's career at the time was valid but the way they went about it was so over board and compulsive. They defended me when someone gave me **** when they completely misread my comment. But yeah I think they probably enjoyed stirring the pot a lot. I'm still not convinced they aren't the same person, the posts both accounts made were too identical in structure :ohwut:

I once accused Lilith of it and Cheri joined in and they both spent the entire time having back to back conversations filling up a page just to show how wrong I  am and mocking me while at it. 

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17 hours ago, Style. said:

I got banned because of them. I don’t remember them because they were losers. I think Lilith and Cherri was the same exact person. Ohhhhh, I almost forgot about their two companies. Literally, they were a band of sad people attacking left and right. They thought they were cool. Sad cases.

Now back to the admin that had to ban me because of them, smiley what’s good?  :tifflmao:

Nevermind. I move differently now. :girlbye:

What was your original account name? :didilie:

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15 minutes ago, iAlwaysSingLive said:

ok, hold onto that tea as interesting as it sounds :clicktina:

Oh it is 

Btw I don’t mean to scare anyone or use that sensitive issue to make into some hyped up drama but I don’t think exhale needs that right now as there’s so much going on but I won’t be letting go of it as wht goes around comes back around (tm.) 

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3 hours ago, deadcrocodiletears said:

Hey there! I certainly don't talk with him everyday as there's at least a 10 year age difference and I don't really know him all that well.

I'm actually working really hard on something to do with refugees and access to mental health in Germany, which is why I haven't used this site regularly. Of course I am trying to be kind to everyone, but for you to consistently reference me during already very difficult times is rather defeatist and kind of rude tbh... especially for someone who started off as a very sweet person. you are going to say I do the same, however I believe in growth which is something I am exhibiting or at least trying to work on. 

Never once have I idolized Lilith, in fact if you know anything about me you'll know that I got into various confrontations with her on the subject of race, equity, and feminism relative to Britney's infidelity. This being said, I don't think I have to live up to your expectations of what you want me to be. You are kind of being a bully at this point for constantly referencing something that this entire community, inclusive to Roxxy and myself, have worked hard on moving past. It's disappointing for you to continue to reference that given our efforts to move past it while also holding people accountable for their faults. On that front, I do want to apologize for calling you a cretin in the past. While I certainly don't think it's an accurate description of who you actually are outside of the website, I urge you to find it in yourself and comprehend why I would feel the need to engage in an emotionally charged response to your comments on my character. 

If you look at recent threads you can see what I have been working on the last couple of months. I think my advocacy which was grossly misinterpreted as 'anti-white' could not be anymore relevant today. As for my dispute with Roxxy, that could have been handled privately. I have however noticed your several disputes with members 

While I have no desire to be friends, I also recognize that my opinion of her does not define who she is as a person. 

I wish you all the luck in the world given that I know you are a human being behind the screen.

@JordanMiller recently wrote a thread about obliging by rules and practicing kindness. While I still have my opinions, I have since apologized to your friend for handling private matters inappropriately, amidst my overarching opinions on moderating duties not being followed. This being said, you continue to attack me even when I have proven that I am not who you think I am. If you continue to have trouble with this and have any further questions about respect for the community, I I recommend that you reach out to Jordan or our moderators @Roxxy and @puppylo16. That's what they are here for, not to engage in this kind of pettiness. 

I'll link you to that thread and hopefully you get the chance to peep some of my responses and practice what it is that you appear to stand for:


Thanks so much! 

THIS! :clicktina:❤️

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3 hours ago, deadcrocodiletears said:

i mean......... :yeahsure: did she really make good points tho

 i think she was a different person when speaking to her on DM, but many of my interactions with her for the most part consisted of me telling her to stop blaming britney for 2007, and to stop **** shaming her for being a 'cheating sl**' as she put it. we only ever had one good interaction over DMs about my mental health and it was rather pleasant actually. I don't think it was fair that she received death threats however

I guess I was careful of how I interacted with her.

I picked my battles. If I disagreed with something she said I tried to do it using critical thinking. She responded in kind.

She never trolled me, so I was never on the receiving end of her vitriol. Thank goodness.

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