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Madonna knows Babylon's existence. Dubs it nice remix of Vogue

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28 minutes ago, Spicechinodiva said:

Madonna knows Babylon. Dubs it as a nice remix of Vogue..


I knew she was going to say something. She didn't disappoint as usual. And right on time as usual.




Omg aha it’s fake but that line REDUCTIVE needs to become an emote on this site. It instantly comes to mind. The image is in my brain of her saying it. :madance:

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8 hours ago, Spicechinodiva said:

I'm one of the Madonna fans that don't see it for gaga.

I mean I'm a Madonna fan and I don't really care for Gaga either but you don't have to make stuff up to prove your points

there's plenty that's happened in real life if you wanted to go there :mhm:

can the admins start forcing you to provide a source for your claims cause i think we're all getting tired of this

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