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Something May Not Be Right

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Ok guys I love what has happened today & I'm still Shock by the popularity that moodring has achieved thus far. I got to thinking hmm why has Britney not said anything about this slayage it just seems weird to me. after giving it thought I remember Yahoo posted about Britney checking herself back into a facility of some sort. I know we all concluded that it was an old article from 2019, but the timing of it being posted is a bit weird. Did her team release Mood Ring to distract us from Britney? Britney hasn't given an interview to anyone about anything, so, weirdly she gave one to Billboard. She usually goes directly to her insta & thanks us. I also found this article today from the Blast calling out how strange of yahoo to post that, do you guys think it's Britney trying to tell us what's going on? I might be all the way off but I wanted to pass this to you guys 

Here's the article from the blast https://theblast.com/131920/report-of-britney-spears-entering-mental-health-facility-sparks-

"They think it was actually done by the conservatorship team in response to the LA Times article mysteriously resurfacing.

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Nah I dont think it's anything like that.  And that's just a fan's tweet LOL.  

I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled something like that, but I doubt this is it.  It takes a little while to actually get your track onto all the streaming platforms and to have a animated cover on her insta.   If anything, she's getting ready to leave the C-Ship come August.

Stream #MoodRing y'all!

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I don't want to worry. but I do think it's weird she didn't record a video to thank us like she did with Glory. Those words in the billboard article are really... generic? anyone can write that. 

I love that we finally have Mood Ring to stream. and I hope we are just exaggerating. We only want the best for her. 

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maybe sam has destabilized her in some way? maybe Sam is a spy and tells everything she tells him to the conservatorship team? she seems like misunderstood by everyone around her.

this article by the blast is ****' scary to me. and yeah sam is not on her house anymore.

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