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Rupaul's Drag Race S12 Finale

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Rupaul Drag Race s12 finale is happening just now.. are there some exhale stands?
I am team Jaida, she is gorgeous and elegant :barbie:... Gigi as well... :barbie::barbie:
Crystal Method hmm dont know :yesokay: she has some very original looks though :)

Since I am not in the US, I need to wait for the show to be over so I can see on a digital platform, but would like to know who is your favorite? 


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I finally watched it, spoiler alert haha... below my comments on the finale.

- I HATE Covid, this really affected the whole dynamic of the finale :sobbing:. Shout out to the production and girls to keep on with the show!!
- On the lipsyncs I think they did well considering the lockdown, but I was not blown away as in other seasons. The house productions of Gigi and Crystal were awsome :surprisedney::surprisedney::surprisedney: and Jaida really deliver with the choreography of first lypsinc.
- For the final lipsync I think the cams could not capture Jaida and Gigi reveals, those could have been good moments.
- Altough I was rooting for Jaida, I was sad to see Gigi lose:jlostare:. I think her interview with Ru could have affected her performance.

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4 hours ago, OnlyFacts said:

You guys put Heidi in the pic but not Jada who is in the final 3. Not all of us people of color look alike guys. Lol. 

You are right.. haha, but still Heidi is soo funny and she was Miss Congeniality this year, so I would say she could stay in the pic :yesokay:

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After watching 12 seasons of the show I can't lie and say that I am not excited everytime a new cast is announced but somehow I get a bit tired of seeing sooo many similar types of drag. I get a lot more excited about weird, cooky ones who think outside of the box... :chrissy:

Although I never did drag, I already have a concept of what I would do and it hasn't actually been done by any other drag race girl. :whatitellu:

Still, loved Crystal, but at the end of the day GIGI won me over. She is a mixture of almost all the trades that make a drag queen special. :makeitrain:

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