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11 hours ago, Invitation said:

Also memes with black people eating KFC / watermelon.

Her relationship with Shawn Mendes is also such a PR stunt like they stage paparazzi photos during quarantine period, same as Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas.

Memes: Wtf?? What a *****... Now I dislike her even more. She's trash.

Her relationship: Yeah, that much is evident. They did it for that song Seniorita. Not sure why they're still doing it. I guess bc people think Shawn is gay? But he... is? 

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15 hours ago, bitbitboi said:

We need to stop that mentality... She's working, she's earning money, she's doing what she likes, she's clearly super happy... What else do you want? And I already said this somewhere else: there is only one number one spot, not everyone can be at the top, let alone all the time. What you people preach (constant unwavering "success") is unattainable and especially not healthy for anybody. And age shouldn't matter either. I mean I don't care in the least about this book but that doesn't mean I have to diminish her efforts.

The only reasonable take in this thread that isin't a childish *****y comment. As much as yall call Ally a flop,she's made more coin in her "flop" career than all yall combined. OOP:ohwut:

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On 5/29/2020 at 2:14 PM, Born2Die said:

Omg so true! I honestly don't get Camila's appeal. She has such an annoying whiny voice, she's racist, she self obsessed. I truly feel her career is based payola. She didn't deserve most of her awards.

She is the only one under Simon Cowell label. He has a way of making things disappear. 


He basically created fifth harmony to actually create a feud with little mix.


I mean they even admitted it. That Simon basically put those girls against each other. 

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7 minutes ago, Arianna said:

I didn’t realize every single one of them was pursuing a solo career lol I knew they split

Lol. Ally Thee Brooke is a worldwide solo star. Don’t you remember her breakout moment performing during miss universe last year? Watch this career defining moment: 

Ally Brooke Dwts GIF by Dancing with the Stars

She is a solo superstar and is rumored to be next years super bowl halftime performer 

pray praise the lord GIF

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