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What Songs From Each Album Could Have Been Hits?

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with the proper videoclip, all of them

but for terms of this thread:

  • BOMT: Soda Pop (with a Pokémon themed video, since it was included on the first movie soundtrack), Deep in My Heart, Autumn Goodbye
  • OIDIA: The obvious trinity What U See (Is What U Get), Can't Make You Love Me, Don't Go Knockin' on My Door
  • Britney: Lonely, Bombastic Love, Cinderella, What It's Like to Be Me (if it featured Justin)
  • ITZ: BREATHE ON ME, (I Got That) Boom Boom
  • Blackout: Hot as Ice, Ooh Ooh Baby and even though I don't like it, maybe GP would've liked Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
  • Circus: Unusual You, Kill the Lights, Shattered Glass
  • FF: Up 'n Down, Trip to Your Heart, Scary, Trouble for Me
  • BJ: Passenger, Alien, Now That I Found You, It Should Be Easy, Til It's Gone
  • Glory: Do You Wanna Come Over?, Man on the Moon, Mood Ring, Liar, Better, If I'm Dancing, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)

and not on an album, but treated properly, Tom's Diner too 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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What It's Like to Be Me from Britney. 

album: "...Baby One More Time" (1999) Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy Sometimes Soda Pop Born To

with the proper videoclip, all of them but for terms of this thread: BOMT: Soda Pop (with a Pokémon themed video, since it was included on the first movie soundtrack), Deep in My Heart, Aut

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Every song song on Oops could’ve been a single and then a hit ;)

But imo:

BOMT: I Will Be There, Born To Make You Happy (In the US), 

Oops: Don’t go knocking, WUSIWUG, OKFY,  WAYN, WYES, GITM :yeahhh:

Britney: What It’s Like To Be Me, When I Found You 

ITZ: Shadow, Breathe On Me 

Blackout: Freakshow, Hot As Ice

Circus: Unusual You, Radar Again hehe

FF & BJ: :decisions:

Glory: DYWCO? Change Your Mind, Liar


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...Baby One More Time

Born To Make You Happy - Should have been released everywhere, it's my favorite track on the album.

Autumn Goodbye - People loved upbeat Britney and I don't know how this didn't make the album.

I would say I Will Be There but that sound was on it's way out and beating her peers to a second album was a very smart and important career move.

Oops!...I Did It Again

What U See (Is What U Get) - One of Britney's first clap back songs and it would have made so much sense at the time.

Can't Make You Love Me - Definitely that very Britney sound that everyone loved at the time, I love this bop.


Cinderella - Would have been such a great single choice, this era was all about leaving behind that good girl facade and this song embodies that, even if it was the sound Britney was trying to move away from. I don't think I've ever skipped it.

I Run Away - Should have been on the standard album, would have been a great way to close out the era given everything that was going on in her life.

In The Zone

Breathe On Me - the fact they even bothered to record contractual singles is what's actually outrageous. The FACT that stupid song prevented us from getting this masterpiece still hurts. I would say it should have dropped after Toxic but everything about Everytime was perfect so I wouldn't want to alter that.

(I Got That) Boom Boom - The sound was very in and it would have done well. Everyone loved the Ying Yang Twins.


Radar - should have come out here like it was supposed to, I get that they were trying to repair her image and rush a new era but there was no reason that they couldn't have salvaged Blackout.

Ooh Ooh Baby - This is another song I NEVER skip, it's so **** and quintessential Britney. It would have helped with that image repair they were working on.


Kill The Lights - It should have took the place of If U Seek Amy (The GP was not here for it). It doesn't effing matter if anyone compared the message to Piece Of Me it was still relevant. She woulda slayed the video especially if they went dark and edgy (which they should not have shied away from).

Unusual You - Literally everyone was talking about this song, it's still a masterpiece and it's a crime it was never a single, the GP was paying attention this era and this would have given them something very different from Britney. Even my parents liked the song and were surprised it was her.

Shattered Glass - Would have been perfect as a later single! The song is so short it would have been super easy to make a remix and get a feature on there. Such a bop.

Femme Fatale

Up N' Down - This song is fire! Should have been on the standard edition and been a single instead of Criminal (Fans should never be allowed to vote for singles PERIODT!)

Selfish - She sounds so great on this one! It's a bop!

Britney Jean

Till It's Gone - One of my favorite songs on the album! The beat is so good and that build at the end!


This whole era was an effing mess, Make Me... should have never been a single period and Slumber Party shouldn't have been the single they tried to salvage the album with.


Chang Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - With how in latin pop was it should have been the lead single!

Love Me Down - Being one of the most upbeat songs on the album it should have been the second single and dropped 2 weeks before the album's release.

Do You Wanna Come Over? - So **** and fun, the video woulda been hot. Just needed a remix to make it radio ready.

Mood Ring - How this wasn't on the album blows my effing mind, she sounds amazing and the song is just beautiful.

Slumber Party - Would have fit well here towards the end of the era.

Just Luv Me - We all know her slower songs kill the era, but this sound was so in at the time and if there was a dance routine in the video it would have done just fine.

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I Will Be There

What U See (Is What U Get), Can't Make You Love Me

Lonely, What It's Like To Be Me, Bombastic Love

Showdown, Breathe On Me

Get Back, Ooh Ooh Baby

Out From Under

Inside Out, Gasoline


Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

britney spears blackout GIF

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There are so MANY potential singles off each album. I think the followings should have been considered for singles from each era...


- I Will Be There

- Thinkin About You



- When are you now

- What U See

- Cant Make you love me



Before the Goodbye

- What its like to be me

- I run away


*In the Zone

- The hook up

- I got that boom boom 

*Greatest hits

- Ive just begun having my fun 

Blackout (EVERY Song) but limiting myself

Get Naked

- Heaven on earth

- Toy Soldier 

- Ooh Ooh Baby


- Shattered Glass (full version)

- Unusual You 

-  Amnesia 

*Femme Fetale

- UP n Down

- inside out

- seal it with a kiss

*Britney Jean 

- Til its Gone

- Dont Cry 

*Glory (this Album im going to state what i think the order of singles should have been to maximise success) 

1 - Change Your Mind

2 - Love me Down 

3 - Make Me 

4 - Man on the Moon remix - https://youtu.be/iPyyl5qrvFE something like this 

5 - If im dancing!! 


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14 hours ago, BritneySpurs said:

Glory: Do You Wanna Come Over (lgr it prob wouldnt have been a bit hit but it would have made a great single!)

Idk for USA, but could be easily hit in Europe :lizzie:

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10 hours ago, Britney_Love_Fan said:

Idk for USA, but could be easily hit in Europe :lizzie:

It could have gotten some traction here if it had an interesting video. It's not the most radio-friendly song but it's fun. I could hear remixes being played in gay clubs lol.

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  • Exhale+

But to play the game (limiting myself to two)...

BOMT: Soda Pop, Deep In My Heart

Oops: What U See (Is What U Get), Can’t Make You Love Me

Britney: Cinderella, Bombastic Love

ITZ: I Got That (Boom Boom), The Hook Up

Blackout: Hot As Ice, Get Back

Circus: Kill The Lights, Shattered Glass

Femme Fatale: Inside Out, Up N Down

BJ: It Should Be Easy, Now That I Found You

Glory: Do You Wanna Come Over?, Better 

💋 French fingertips, red lips, ***** is dangerous 💋

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Baby : I will be there

Oops : What you see 

Britney : What's it's like to be me 

ITZ Breathe on me 

Blackout : Ooh Ooh Baby

Circus : Unusual you 

Femme Fatale : Trip to your heart (really like the verses from Gasoline though) 

Britney Jean : Til it's gone (this song is so good.. why is everyone sleeping on it ?) 

Glory If I'm dancing (this song is a major standout to me, it definitely sounds different and I love it!) 


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BOMT: I like Soda Pop. It’s very 90s and cheesy pop. 

OIDIA: What U See (Is What U Get) should have been a single. It’s a fab favourite and it’s so catchy. 

Britney: Cinderella is so Britney and it would have been a real obvious choice for a single but I’m also quite glad she went for some different sounds from what was expected of her. 

ITZ: This album has soooo many possible big hits. Breathe On Me was the obvious it is shocking this was never a single. So sad. TOMH was so different but also really radio friendly. I don’t like IGTBB but I think for that time it would have been a natural single choice  and it was in the movie White Chicks. 

Blackout: Freakshow, Get Naked should have been singles. I know BTI was 3rd single but I’d like to have seen Blackout get the proper release and promo it did. It’s such a good album and BTI is a really catchy song. Even people I know who aren’t Britney fans love BTI.

Circus: Out from Under is such a nice song and it sound like mature Britney.

FF: Literally every song on FF was catchy IMO. Anything could have been a single. HATLM would have been something different and she really seems to like that song. Inside Out is a hidden gem.

BJ: This album could have taken a different direction with songs like Alien, Hold on Tight and Passenger being released. They were good solid tracks and not generic like some of the other album tracks. 

Glory: I always feel this album was such a waste as there were so many good possible singles. MOTM, DYWCO I think would have went down well. At the time everyone loved it as it was very Britney. It’s got a bit stale on me now as time has gone on but I used to really like it. I also think If I’m Dancing and Change Your Mind was such a waste, Love Me Down is also very radio friendly. 

All in all I think the single choices in recent years have been poor on team Britney’s part....

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I love this thread!

To me, Britney is extra special because she's one of the few who releases albums full of single-worthy tracks.
Also, I think that she's so talented and charismatic and she has so much potential that following her discography from beginning to end you could almost manage her whole career from different perspectives: She has super dance songs, which is mostly the way she was fed to the general public, but she also has many ballads or mid tempo ones which are very vibey and mature. Also, there's her rock side, and even an alternative one with unusual sounding songs (at least for mainstream music). So whenever I think about choosing other songs as singles I always have that problem of not knowing which side of Britney to show. But of course, even though the songs might be perfect as they are, there's also the variables of what's trendy at the moment or what the radio would want or like... which I hate thinking about because I honestly see her more like a trendsetter than a follower.


On 5/25/2020 at 12:52 PM, WorkBishStan94 said:

Radar should’ve been the fifth single ( I know she had a contract to make it a single...

What? I didn't know that... How can I learn more?

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Born To Make You Happy should have also been released in the US. And FTBOMBH shoulda been released internationally as well. 
I will be there. Should have been the final single, with a tour/fan montage video. 


What U See (Is what U Get) 

Where Are You Now 

Dont Go Knockin on my door 

cant make you love me





Before The Goodbye

I Run Away 


In The Zone: 

Breathe On Me- of all the songs unreleased, this is the top song that shoulda been a single 

Touch of My Hand 

I Got That (Boom Boom) 



Get Naked 

Radar (should have been released during blackout) 

Hot As Ice



Unusual You 

Out From Under 

Shattered Glass (extended) 

Kill The Lights 



Femme Fatale: 

Seal It With A Kiss 

Inside Out 

Drop Dead (with no Sabi) 

Up N Down 

He About To Lose Me 


Britney Jean: 


Til It’s Gone


Glory: (soooo much potential :( )


Man On The Moon 

Change Your Mind 

Do You Wanna Come Over 

Just Luv Me 


Love Me Down 

Hard To Forget Ya 

Just Like Me 



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Born To Make You Happy ...in the US


I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)


Boys (Original)

In the Zone:

Breathe on Me

Early Mornin


Heaven on Earth

Radar (would've sounded better this era)


Shattered Glass

Femme Fatale:

How I Roll

Britney Jean:

Perfume (Dreaming Mix)


Do You Wanna Come Over?

Man on the Moon



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I'll pick 2 per album:

BOMT: Thinking About You, I Will Be There

OIDIA:  What You See Is What You Get, Don't Go Knockin' On My Door

Britney: Before The Goodbye, What Its Like to be Me

ITZ: Breathe On Me, Boom Boom

Blackout: Get Naked, Freak Show

Circus: Kill The Lights, Unusual You

FF: Inside Out, He About To Lose Me

BJ: Til' Its Gone, Body Ache

Glory: Love Me Down, Change Your Mind ( Europe) Do You Wanna Come Over (US)



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BOMT: Born To Make You Happy (US/Canada single release with a different video)

OIDIA: Can't Make You Love Me (I didn't like the name as a kid, so I referred to it as "Crush" :lollipop:)

Britney: What It's Like To Be Me

ITZ: (I Got That) Boom Boom

Blackout: Radar (Blackout era release)

Circus: Kill The Lights

FF: How I Roll

BJ: Til It's Gone

Glory: Do You Wanna Come Over?


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