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Slumber Party was a bad single choice..

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That fact Glory is one of Britney’s best album but lacks in its singles choices is a mess. Britney tried to do something new with her music showcasing more her voice in make me and slumber party, but sadly nobody expects big vocal stuff from Britney anymore and for me those two songs could have been used better in another artist. 

Do you Wanna Come Over and Love Me Down could have saved the entire era.

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I think y’all are forgetting what was in at that time. Selena Gomez started a trend of downtempo music and we were getting songs like Love On the Brain from Rihanna up the charts. Slumber Party was a perfect song for someone like Britney. The problem was getting some random RCA girl like Tinashe to feature instead of someone hot at the time like Rihanna. And the lack of promo

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The opposite actually. Make Me was a bad single. It's a good song but it's not a Britney song. Also it was the first time Britney went into Xtina territory by going from tasteful to trashy. Lets face it, the lyrics are trashy. Britney always played around with the idea of ***, but in this singles she's straight up asking for ***. Both music videos were trashy as hell too. The original one had G-Eazy ******* Britney and the second one had Britney ******* a coworker. Whoever greenlit that single and not Mood Ring as the first single needs to be fired. Make Me should have never existed.

Should have been:

1. Mood Ring

2. Slumber Party

3. Change Your Mind

4. Love Me Down

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13 hours ago, Fenixxx123 said:

Lmao  SP was a good choice

 because it flopped doesn't mean it is bad


11 hours ago, joko***** said:

Oh shut up. Any single she would’ve put out would be “the wrong choice” to all because it wouldn’t chart well to your liking. Give it a rest. Slumber party was and will remain a gem. Pop music was dead in 2016 (it’s slowly coming back now) so putting out a super pop driven track would be silly

Not charting well doesn't correlate to being a bad song or bad single choice. Someday didn't even make a dent and most of the fans love it.

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12 hours ago, joe sp said:

1 Do you want to come over?

2 Love me down

3 Make Me

4 Slumber Party

Agreed as I always saw slumber party being released around  Valentine’s Day as the last single with ari or Selena and then two weeks after glory dropped it seemed they were tryin real hard for the album to bounce back after they threw it in the garbage... bad roll out okay music... would have done well if pushed like ari or Selena cause most critics have said and I agree all three (Selena Britney and arianas) music in 2015-2016 sounded all the same and they could have song each others work with no difference... imo IF glory had done well it would have been another femme fatale in the sense that it wouldn’t age well with the GP and would be forgotten. If she would have reissued glory the next year as Glorious with better more Britney songs with a following Glorious World tour then she would be back in GP good graces. Realistically she doesn’t need so many hit songs to be popular now just attention from the ones doing the most work lol like Beyoncé no shade

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Just Luv Me should have most definitely be a single :chrissy: it sounds radio ready, but different at the same time. Who else could do that :lessons: only Britney Spears.

Slumber Party was for the fans. We all wanted it as a single and, we got what we wanted. Such a damn shame it our love for it didn't translate well into the GP and charts :wontcry: I have nothing against Tinashe but she could have had a better or more established feature name if they were looking for chart or radio success. Like Rihanna or something :chrissy:

Liar, love me down and CYM seemed like the most sensible single choices. I wouldn't have even minded a video for private show, with visuals similar to the ad. Stunning :queenflopga:

I'm listening to CYM just now and I could imagine Shakira sing the second verse in Spanish :omg: shoulda woulda coulda.:badthoughts:

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12 hours ago, Urbanney said:

I respect your opinion, but I’m so tired of hearing people say this. :hillary:

It would’ve been wrong for it not to be a single. It’s one of the best songs off of Glory imo, fit perfectly on the radio, but still was distinctly a Britney song. There should’ve been more singles from Glory in general.

Thank you! All of Glory was “in” at the time. Slumber Party sounded similar to Hotline Bling. The promotion for the singles weren’t good. Make Me *had* the hype but her team butchered the promo. The technical difficulties which led to the delay was also not the best. She should’ve premiered the song on the BBMAs like originally planned. The original video, love it or hate it, would’ve stirred up some controversy which would’ve led to *some noise* about it. The VMA performance, despite not being the best, *did* inflate the single somewhat. But some more performances like maybe even SNL or talk shows would’ve done the song some better justice.

Make Me had some promotion but Slumber Party had virtually none. The video was gorgeous but Brit not performing it at the AMAs like the rumors were also really killed the song.

i do think the dance tracks would’ve done somewhat better, but I did like the mature mid tempos. I think they showcased growth in her artistry.

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How dare you diss Slumber Party.  It's a bop and the MV was amazing.

Tinashe ruined the track. She literally added nothing and her voice is annoying.  I love her though otherwise on her OWN music, but them REPLACING the track with her version is annoying because Britney's voice sounded way better.

It should have been the 1st single instead of Make Me Poo.  Then should have had DYWCO, Just Luv Me, Better and Mood Ring as singles too.. but her label and team don't give af.


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People who disagree do realize we literally have chart proof that it wasnt a great single choice... :jj:

Canada (Canadian Hot 100)[65] 51
France (SNEP)[39] 121
Greece Digital Songs (Billboard)[66] 10
Hungary (Single Top 40)[41] 13
Russia Airplay (Tophit)[67] 76
Scotland (Official Charts Company)[68] 90
Spain (PROMUSICAE)[40] 39
UK Singles Sales (Official Charts Company)[46] 73
Ukraine (Tophit)[69] 27
US Billboard Hot 100[70] 86
US Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[45] 1
US Mainstream Top 40 (Billboard)[71] 27

 And she performed the song more than other songs from previous albums that charted better.

I'm not saying it's a bad song, I actually listenn to the dance remix quite often (probably why the dance club chart is #1). It's just not that appealing for a wide range audience.

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Slumber Party was.... fine, like at least we got a decent video, but there were so many bops on the album that would’ve charted better.

Bonus Tracks were the best songs on the album IMO. Liar, Change Your Mind, IF IM DANCING Ugh I die. 

Also I never understood the love that Better is constantly getting. It’s my least fav on the album 

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There's no such as a guaranteed hit single. Slumber Party could've gone off. It started strong and there was a lot of hype about the video. A few televised performances with Tinashe could've helped. 

The real mistake is not releasing a 3rd and 4th single. 

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