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Slumber Party was a bad single choice..

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2 hours ago, Email My D said:

I remember the very 1st time listening to glory before I got to track number 8 I was so nervous to hear slumber party because the title sounded so juvenile and I thought she's going to be singing about a slumber party with her closest girlfriends lol. But after hearing it I was in love. It was a standout track and I remember lots of fans named it as a standout track from the very first listen. 

Its 1 of my favorite Britney singles and videos and I don't care how it did on the charts, it delivered in everyway and I still jam out to it almost 4years later. Overprotected had a similar chart fate and it still turned out to be iconic for the fans. Personally I think it was a great 2nd single choice regardless of chart position and ya'll can fight me on it:byesmoke:

Lova ya... its one of her best... 

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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

Slumber Party should've remained as an album track or released as a 5th and final single when it wouldn't matter if it kills the era. 

But I insist that DYWCO was the obvious single. For a long time it was the second most streamed song on the album, even after SP video came out, and it had nothing to do with being released as a promo single, because Clumsy and Private Show were released earlier and DYWCO was still the most streamed of them by far. 

and you could tell that Britney loved it

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I guess we have a diversity of preferences, but I hated the singles they chose. There were amazing songs, No Seas Cortés, Invitation (one of her best) Just Love Me. The singles portrayed a less popular artist trying to follow trends, when she had songs that were far more interesting and attractive.

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We deserved LMD, Liar, Better or DYWCO as a single and I bet radio would’ve eaten them up. :milkney:

SP should have been 3rd single release that was mainly for the fans. But what do I know.

That being said... a lot of my non-stan friends are like omg she looks so good in this MV. Or at Brighton pride a few were like ‘I’m buzzing for her to do SP’ ... so perhaps it was more a marketing fail. 

My memory is so bad considering was only few years ago... but was 2nd single not put to the fans to choose? No?

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14 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

She included it on her POM show since the day it came out, and it was her sons' favorite track 

which is kinda weird for a 10 year old to like a song about coming over to hook up :orangu:

though I'm sure he liked the beat and the music itself 

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For me personally I don’t listen to Make Me often or ever really... At the time I did but overtime I just don’t care for it at all now. But I will say it showed a different side to Britney and I thought it was a unique choice compared to her other songs.

I do think as a 2nd single choice it should of been DWYCO because we need energy to grab the GPs attention. I think that would of been amazing for the VMAs Make Me as intro for one minute and then DWYCO surprises us!


slumber party I think is the perfect 3rd single.

then as fourth single change your mind

Then as fifth single (if we make it there) could be if I’m dancing, just luv me or man on the moon.



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Everyone can agree pretty much that Do You Wanna Come Over? would’ve set Glory for the masterpiece status it deserved :chrissy: If it was up to me I’d have the singles like this:


2. Change Your Mind (another hit)

3. Slumber Party

4. Make Me or Liar

When Glory came out before I was a proper Britney fan, Slumber Party was actually one of my favourite songs from 2016 :gaspney:

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Oh shut up. Any single she would’ve put out would be “the wrong choice” to all because it wouldn’t chart well to your liking. Give it a rest. Slumber party was and will remain a gem. Pop music was dead in 2016 (it’s slowly coming back now) so putting out a super pop driven track would be silly

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At the time, I thought it was a solid choice to connect with the GP...not expecting it as a collab tho (but I am a Tinashe fan, this was just not necessary and didn’t help either of them). 
In hindsight, Change Your Mind or Better would have been good...although Better may have gotten dragged for seeming the tiniest bit dated as tropical pop was on the way out. It’s still very weird to me that these were bonus tracks. 

In the end, I think Clumsy would have been the best option for giving people what they expect from Britney (uptempo dance pop) with a good dancing video. I know this is controversial as many here don’t like that song. But after Make Me (which I LOVE) underperformed, they should have gone with something safer to push the album, and then gotten creative again for third single (as this would have been the likely end of the promotion anyway). 

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