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Slumber Party was a bad single choice..

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I agree! But the fans voted for Slumber Party. It was a fan favorite as soon as the album cane out. Personally, I never got it. I LIKE the song, but it’s my least fave on the whole album. And I think the gp was never really gonna be here for it. They were probably wondering why a grown woman has a song named Slumber Party, if they even heard it. The video was epic though, probably why it at least charted on the hot 100, unlike some bubbling under queens. 

I loved that they went with Make Me as the first single. Some of Britney’s best songs are mid tempos and they never get released as singles (breathe on me, touch of my hand, and then we kiss, unusual you, inside out, he about to lose me, alien, etc). So I was glad they took a chance releasing Make Me, they just screwed up the roll out so bad. The rumor was that she was gonna perform it months before it ended coming out at billboard. They screwed up the music video, that whole debacle was crazy, the song leaked, and there was only one performance at the VMAS (In the US) and she went right after Beyoncé’s mini concert. A lot of my friends who aren’t Britney stans really liked the song too, they didn’t even know it was her until I told them. I’m convinced if they would have put out the original music video the day they released the single, it would have gone top 10 and maybe had better longevity. 

Make me should have been released in like April for a spring release. Then in summer it should have been Better. Fall love me down or change your mind. Winter Man On The Moon. Then maybe a fan voted final single, slumber party, to close out the era. Though really I think she could have had even more singles, but 5 nowadays really never even happens. 

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The only bad decision they made is that they stopped after slumber party... they should have went right back and recorded a video for DYWTCO or Change your mind  and released that as a 3rd single. If that flopped then ok end the era.. Make Me was a terrible lead single choice if anything slumber party was the only saving grace to Glory’s short-lived era. 

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Not only was a bad single choice (both as a follow up to MM and because the song itself wasn't the best of the album). On top of it they managed it very badly. Let's not forget the song wasn't even properly released as a single. They just replaced the standard track with the Tinashe version in all digital platforms and called it a day, and then the video came out, but there was never a single per se. Like a month later we got that Remixes EP (which didn't even include the video version) but it was too late for anything. 

Do You Wanna Come Over? was the obvious single choice and I'll never understand what made them think otherwise. 

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57 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

The singles IMO should have been:

  • Do You Wanna Come Over
  • Make Me
  • Change Your Mind or Love Me Down
  • Mood Ring or Man On The Moon

Slumber Party should had been given to 5th Harmony

Slumber Party should've remained as an album track or released as a 5th and final single when it wouldn't matter if it kills the era. 

But I insist that DYWCO was the obvious single. For a long time it was the second most streamed song on the album, even after SP video came out, and it had nothing to do with being released as a promo single, because Clumsy and Private Show were released earlier and DYWCO was still the most streamed of them by far. 

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Agreed, as the second single. The GP doesn't support her slower songs as much as her dance songs. I was fine with MM being the first single bc it's a great song and it was different for Britney. But the second single should have been exciting like DYWCO. Then they could have done Slumber Party as the third single. I do love that video!

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I think it had single potential, but not straight after Make Me. They should have gone with something more uptempo as the second single then they could have released Slumber Party. I still wish Do You Wanna Come Over had be the second single.

Also, Tinashe added nothing to the song imo. It didn't need a feature. 

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7 hours ago, Roxxy said:

I really wanted Do You Wanna Come Over? to be a single. :crying1:

In my mind, DYWCO was an official single with a video. I don't care if it's untrue. 

all stars season 4 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race
It not being the second single just doesn't make sense with my fantasy

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1 minute ago, VCTR said:

In my mind, DYWCO was an official single with a video. I don't care if it's untrue. 

all stars season 4 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race
It not being the second single just doesn't make sense with my fantasy

My favorite Valentina quote! :haha:

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I think they should have released Make me early in the year, maybe around Feb. or March as a promotional single, showing the gp she was returning to form. Then during May release DYWCO as the lead single and promote the he!! out of it. Once the song started to lose popularity release LMD, probably mid/end of July. At the VMAs she should have opened it and performed a medley of Glory, dropping the album that night. Then she should have released SP as the last single during Fall and performed at the AMAs. 

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The whole era was a effing mess, for how in latin pop was Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) should have been the lead single. The second single should always drop before the album does too, so the fan base can't lash out over single choices.


Singles shoulda been...

1. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

2. Love Me Down

3. Do You Wanna Come Over?

4. Mood Ring (Why wasn't it on the effing album!?)

5. Slumber Party

6. Just Luv Me (Ya'll need to stop pretending this sound wasn't in)


I know the fan base loves Liar, but the line "Kamikaze Fire" sounds so messy she'd be read for filth more than she already does. There's no excuse for how shytty that line sounds, the rest of the song is SO GOOD!

Honestly if the era was managed properly this coulda been her best. I'm so effing tired of the stupid choices her team makes, she should still have the GP's support but they constantly eff up left and right.

I personally was never a fan of Make Me... and why anyone thought it was lead single material is beyond me. Even Clumsy would have been a better choice.

Then them using the corny AF Private Show for promo!

I'm still so so angry about the era.

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5 hours ago, Avatar said:

You guys just pretend that it wasn't because the video was so well done. :jl:

And the people who hate Tinashe on the song are just as delusional because she sings it exactly like Britney. :clownery:


#JusticeForAlmostAnyOtherSongOnGlory :demi:

#TimeTravelToMakeDoYouWannaComeOverAsFirstSingle :runga:

I think Slumber party is a great song, but the lyrics are a little too much meh :jl:

I would have chosen Change Your Mind, come over and man on the moon. 

Slumber is still great in my book! 

I'm still pressed at the video though. It should have been Make Me vids, with G eazy taking Sam place :mcry: we would have died

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